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Mortgaging diamonds for defence college ill-advised

How can a president of a country give away all the country’s wealth from diamonds in return for a defence college, when the soldiers who are supposed to attend that same college are starving? When the soldiers start feeling the pinch, shameless Zanu PF officials start blaming Finance minister Tendai Biti for not providing adequate funds to the army in the budget. When civil servants cannot get a pay rise because the bulk of the proceeds from diamonds have been mortgaged by the country’s president, Zanu PF officials want to blame it all on Biti.

I am sure Zimbabweans are now aware who their enemy is, and come elections, they will make the right decision once they get into the ballot box.
I would like to thank Paddington Zhanda for asking the tough questions that help bring up the truth of the plunder that is going on. And how does Saviour Kasukuwere explain his fraudulent indigenisation policy, where the Chinese are importing all material, even that which can be sourced locally, denying the Zimbabwean indigenous businesses the opportunity to do business.

Benjamin Chitate
New Zealand.

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