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Recycling industry is very lucrative

Although a number of recycling projects have since been established in Zimbabwe, most of them, although helping to raise awareness on the potential in recycling, have been too small-scale to have a real impact on a national level.

The biggest recycling project in Zimbabwe to date would have to be the Zimbabwe National Recycling Programme (ZNRP), a partnership of more than 50 organisations working hand in hand with the Government, which was launched in 2011.

ZNRP is a programme that aims at putting in place mechanisms to develop and implement integrated waste management, starting with Harare. It will involve the collection and diversion of recyclables from the waste streams to help improve the viability of recyclers in Zimbabwe.

While it remains to be seen how much impact the programme will have, it will definitely open many people’s eyes to the potential in waste.

As people open their eyes to the business opportunity that waste presents, I hope as many players as possible will come on board as the waste we have in the country is enough to go around.

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