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I still have the capacity, says Kiki Divaris

By Silence Charumbira
Age is nothing but a number.
That is the impression one gets after spending time with modelling guru, Kiki Divaris, at her home in the leafy suburb of Belgravia.
Irked by a comment in Standardlife&style that suggested that the 88-year-old now lacked the energy to run the Miss Zimbabwe pageant, Divaris invited this journalist for tea to prove that she still had what it takes to be a patron.
On Tuesday she confirmed the meeting but rescheduled it for lunch time.
When we got to her residence, a carefully furnished house with a sprinkling of European fusions, she was ready to treat us to some snacks and soft drinks.
A few moments later, a bishop from the Greek Orthodox Church arrived with two beautiful ladies, charity workers from South Africa and the Cyprus.
Divaris conceded that she had forgotten about our scheduled meeting and had also forgotten to notify the bishop that she had other guests.
That would, however, not dampen the spirit of the occasion.
She repeatedly mentioned that she had prepared all the dishes herself, which indeed was a feat at her age.
The sumptuous meal consisting partially grilled potatoes, rice, tasty chicken, Greek salad, beetroot and a number of other side dishes was testimony to her culinary skills.
At the table, she only drank a glass of wine, ate a few chops of beetroot, ice cream for dessert and two naartjies.
As if to prove to everyone at the table that she still had the energy, Divaris would stand up and get anything that would have been requested.
Yet she kept emphasising that though she is nearly 88, she had the go of a teenager.
“Look at the President Robert Mugabe. He is 88 but has the go of a young man because he has a passion for this country. The same with me, I am a charity worker and I do this because I love this country,” said Divaris.
She said the Miss Zimbabwe pageant needed a straight forward producer who would do the job for the love of it and not for money but said she has not yet found a suitable person.
“Whoever should do it should do it to do it,” she said.
“I have never asked for money from anyone. Ask even Mugabe with whom I have worked for a long time and he can bear witness to that.
“I have a passion for this country. I do not do this for money. That is what is going wrong in this country. Even the Olympics, everything is being turned into money.
“Take for instance ZBC who want Miss Zimbabwe to pay for them to screen our event yet they should be the one paying. They are supposed to be paying screening rights yet they want money,” said Divaris.



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