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ILSA College — qualifications that work

By Cathy Tambo (CEO) There is no better time than right now to consider your future, expand your horizons and broaden your intellectual capacity as you commit yourself to the pursuit of learning. The good news is that ILSA can help you get there! As our motto says, we indeed offer our students, Limitless Horizons. Founded in 1965 as the Institute of Languages Academic and Secretarial Studies, ILSA College has established an exceptional reputation as one of the most professional private educational institutions in the country. The college offers a diverse range of both professional and academic programmes where students have a range of examinations and certifying boards to choose from. The college is run on Christian-based ethics based on a balance between discipline and academic excellence. The emphasis is not only on developing well-rounded and responsible students, but also to prepare young people for entry into the job market. We are very sensitive about offering our clients value for money and our products are always priced with this in mind. This is particularly important in the current economic environment where people are struggling to make ends meet yet at the same time young people require quality education to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive world. At the end of the day your qualification is of no use unless it enjoys the confidence and respect of employers and enables you to put food on the table. ILSA college is fully accredited with the major professional and statutory bodies unlike some of the fly-by-night operators coming on the market, so you can rest assured that you will receive value for money. Throughout its illustrious history, ILSA College has always thrived from being at the cutting edge of the latest concepts in education and training. Shortly ILSA students will enjoy internet connectivity via fibre-optic and wireless facilities that provide instant access to research and other education resources on a global basis. The college is located in a secure location at 55 Fife Avenue (back to back with the American Embassy) and offers good facilities and an exceptional ambience that is conducive to learning. Enrolment for the second half of the year is now in progress and the following are some of the exciting options: Academics — Register for August revision classes to ensure that you are ready for the challenges of the November examinations. Laboratories and Science Practicals — We are one of the few private colleges with three fully-equipped science laboratories Information Technology — A wide range of both technical and theoretical training is available Business, Finance and Marketing — Choose from our comprehensive portfolio of professional courses to enhance your career choices in the job market. ILSA students often win medals for exceptional performance, the latest prize winner being Jane Chirasasa, who is the 2012 LCCI country gold medalist for Business Administration. This is just a sample of the many programmes that ILSA offers, but you are welcome to contact us for more information on our product range. Also ask about our Introduction and Early Bird discounts and enjoy reduced fees.   Other courses that ILSA offers CIS — Enjoy comprehensive tuition from Part A to D. We are delighted that Mr Muguri who has special competencies in Taxation has joined our faculty of highly qualified tutors. CISCO — ILSA is one of the few fully accredited Cisco academies. This qualification opens unparalleled opportunities to develop hands-on technical training in systems networking. This is of particular relevance given the current thrust in the area of ICT development in the country. Students receive support all the way to full certification. Travel & Tourism — ILSA has a strong track record in this area where our students have always excelled. We have also now added the ticketing module which gives graduates an added advantage. Visit our website at www.ilsacollege.com or e-mail us at ilsa@ilsacollege.co.zw. If you have not yet talked to ILSA,who have you been talking to?

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