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Refer conscientious issues to people

If the generals won’t acknow-ledge Morgan Tsvangirai’s status by saluting him, perhaps he should reciprocate and decline to acknowledge their status as “Generals”and refer to them as “Mister”. Childish, perhaps — but who started this juvenile behaviour?
And speaking of juvenile behaviour, if Zanu PF wants to re-negotiate bits of the draft constitution, how about this for a compromise? On the referendum ballot paper, offer voters some choices, as follows.

Do you want a President of Zimbabwe who can appoint provincial governors and declare war against other countries at his sole discretion? Yes/No.

Or do you want a President of Zimbabwe who appoints provincial governors from the party that won the most votes in each province and who can only declare war against other countries with Parliament’s agreement? Yes/No

Do you want Zimbabwe to continue with its present system of provincial and national government with control and resources centralised in Harare? Yes/No

Or do you want each province to be self-governing, with resources shared equally between all provinces, under a Federal State of Zimbabwe? Yes/No.
Let the people speak.


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