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Going forward, Zifa needs to restrategise

At the tender age of eight, I had strong love for football and that was in 1994. I remember very well the major events at the 94’ World Cup in US. I watched quite a number of games on a black and white television set in our rural home. I will never forget Hristo Stoichkov of Bulgaria, Roberto Baggio of Italy. The memories of World Cup editions such as 1998, 2002, 2006 and 2010 are still very fresh. Nations such as Brazil, The Netherlands, Italy, Uruguay, Colombia, South Korea, France, Germany and Nigeria, work with local talent. It’s very rare to see these nations employing a foreign coach to take charge of their men’s senior teams.

Zimbabwe can do likewise. As soon as our Zifa administration starts to exercise transparency in the day-to-day running of football, our Warriors will regain lost glory. Asiagate will be buried once and for all. The fact that players are involved in these unacceptable activities is a clear indication that their allowances and other payments are being misappropriated. It’s not that Zifa has no money to pay players, but fraud, embezzlement of funds, corruption and theft have left coffers dry and as a result, our beloved sport is dying.
We do not need a miracle to qualify for the Afcon or World Cup finals. We don’t need a foreign coach, our very little known coaches can deliver for us. It has been a long time since we marked our presence at the Afcon and it’s high time Zifa starts to show seriousness towards the development of football in this country.

Reuben R, Kwekwe.

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