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Council taking too long to serve co-operatives

I write as the chairperson for Current Housing Consortium  composed of 11 cooperatives at Current Shops in Budiriro 5B, Harare. For over three years, we have been engaging the City of Harare to design an agreement of sale that will see us pay the intrinsic land value as we developed it on our own.
The current agreement is not friendly to co-operatives as it leaves out a lot of key issues specific to them. To date the agreement of sale is still to be designed. People are sceptical to make payments in the absence of an agreement form.

We sympathise with our hard-working District Officer whom we are engaging to find the best way forward. Can someone avail this form please?

Imagine we have approximately 250 000 square metres and we are supposed to pay US$3 per square metre. This means someone in council is sitting on US$750 000. If  we pay this amount in a few months, there is going to be a huge boost in council coffers and consequently service delivery improvement.

In Budiriro alone there are two consortiums and four cooperatives ready to pay. We want to be responsible citizens, who keep the city clean through paying all dues. Let someone in council wake up. Honestly we cannot put cash where there is no written agreement.

Hlatywayo Lincoln
Chairperson: Current Housing Consortium

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