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Midlands Christian College marks 25th anniversary

AS Midlands Christian College (MCC) continues to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year, which has been dubbed Year of Our Heritage, many exciting activities have taken place. However, the culmination of these activities is the Sponsored Ride which will take place from October 17 to 19 with riders riding from Harare to Gweru. This is quite a feat you may say, and indeed it is! With the help of professional riders, students, staff and associates, this group will make its way from Harare to Gweru in celebration of their 25th anniversary.


In addition to this sponsored ride, there are also dinners, a golf day and talk fest being coordinated by the Parents Assembly Committee of Midlands Christian College, so there is plenty of opportunity for well-wishers and supporters to join in this celebration. With the money raised and through partnership with the corporate world, The Parents Assembly Committee hopes to complete certain projects which will stand out as monuments in celebration of 25 years of excellent education service. Some of the projects include: extension of the kitchen and dining facilities, an A-Level study centre and the expansion of boarding facilities.

Based in Gweru, in the heart of the Midlands in Zimbabwe, Midlands Christian College is a Christian-based, co-educational high school that offers both boarding and day school places.  It has a heritage of moulding the young lives that pass through this institution and they pride themselves in quality education and in developing the whole child. It is their desire for each child to be given sufficient opportunities to realise their God-given potential and form a well-rounded Christian character in all areas — spiritual, academic, physical, cultural and social through a variety of opportunities and activities. They believe that a strong grounding in English and Mathematics, as well as a holistic approach to all subjects will maximise further educational and career opportunities for their students.

They take a fair and firm biblically-based approach in their discipline systems and have a “no tolerance” approach to bullying. They encourage students to behave at all times with love for other people, respect for their rights, feelings and property.

More details on their academic, sporting and cultural programmes are available on their website. — www.mcc.ac.zw

Our Mission Statement:
To teach the Lords Way
Our Students – Our reason
To do the best we can with what the Lord has given us

Our Values:
Dedicated to Christ
Striving for effectiveness
Committed to excellence
Producing quality students

Our Vision is:
To educate pupils from a Christian perspective in a Christian environment for responsible adulthood
(Proverbs 22:6)
To equip pupils with life skills for further education, work and service, through sound teaching and learning techniques, aimed at achieving effectiveness and excellence
(Ephesians 4:11-15)
To impact pupils and the community with Christian values through motivated, committed, highly qualified teachers
(Isaiah 55:4-6)

We are in the business of growing up tomorrow’s leaders

We are dedicated to Christ; striving for effectiveness; committed to excellence and to producing quality

Our staff are well qualified and are of a high calibre

We are ever developing our resources and facilities

We provide a large range of subjects and have pass rates to be proud of

We regularly test and assess pupil progress

We have a successful extra curricular programme

We provide career guidance, as well as general guidance, counselling and mentorship

We care for the well-being of your child and foster a family-type atmosphere

We do not accept bullying, bad language and unruly behaviour

The Students feedback:

What things would you want people to know about MCC?

MCC cares about every student who belongs to it. When you come to MCC, you are not merely a number but are a member of a family which is concerned about your well-being and success. MCC focuses on the individual and their specific needs so that at the end of the day they have success in their spiritual, academic and cultural life. – Mark Nyamutora


Firstly I would want them to know that it is a school that cares greatly about its students. MCC wants its students to always give of their best, especially in the academic sector, with teachers being willing to work late and over weekends to give assistance where necessary. Secondly, I would want them to know about the various activities that the school offers to help to develop our self-esteem and spiritual lives. These include the various camps we go on, and the devotions we have every morning. – Tapiwa Mavahire


MCC is like a big reservoir, full of opportunities that arms people with all the skills they need to live a fruitful life. It is also a place that equips you with the ultimate ‘gift’ of a relationship with God. MCC prioritises its students, parents and Christ. Everyone is significant, no matter how insignificant. – Irvin Njerekai


Regardless of one’s age, juniors and seniors can mingle, not out of fear but out of respect for each other in a friendly environment. – Leslie Mashayahanya


It is a school with a very strong Christian emphasis, producing well behaved students with good moral values. It is a well-developed school, which continues to improve itself with state of the art facilities. – Paddington Bikwa


What have some of the highlights been for you at MCC and why?

My greatest highlight from my junior years was being a “Top Achiever” and traveling to South Africa with the other top achievers to celebrate our success. – Mark Nyamutora


I would say that everyday at MCC is a highlight because with the rich academic, sporting and cultural frame-work, students always learn and grow everyday. Different life-skills camps are a highlight because these have a radical change in the way we view and approach life, which differentiates us from non-Christians. Spots tours and subject field trips are also highlights because they give us exposure and make what we study in class more realistic. – Irvin Njerekai


Going for camps like the Form 1, Form 3 and Men’s Camp because it is a chance to socialise with those who you do not normally speak to. The coming of the new buses was also a highlight as it shows that they want us to travel comfortably and safely. – Leslie Mashayahanya


You have made some amazing academic / sporting achievements. What was the key to your success?

I came from a government primary school and had not had much exposure to sport. MCC offered me all the exposure I needed and for rugby, my coach – Mr. Mashunugu – taught me the principle of working to achieve as nothing is handed to me on a silver platter. As a result, I am part of the Zimbabwe U20 Rugby Team who will be touring to France and then America for the Junior World Rugby Tournament later this year. – Denzel Mupfurutsa


The key to my academic success has largely been due to motivation. I had the will and desire to do better everyday. MCC not only gave me the opportunities and platforms to achieve, but it provided encouragement through teaching staff who pushed me to reach my full potential. The goal-setting system at MCC taught me at a young age to set targets and to plan accordingly to achieve them. – Mark Nyamutora

How do you think MCC is training you to be a leader?

  •  I am being trained to interact effectively with people, become time efficient, organised and to know what I want in life. – Denzel Mupfurutsa

Over the years, right from being a junior, MCC has given me positions of responsibility. In all of these posts, emphasis has always been on responsibility and service, rather than privileges. This is what leadership is about. I take these life lessons seriously and with me as I also execute my role as Junior Mayor of Gweru. – Mark Nyamutora

Looking ahead, we are excited by these key focus points for the next few years:

  • A curriculum that will provide not just academic qualifications, but qualifications in vocational courses. This will be done by introducing more of the Ministry of Higher Education qualifications like foundational courses in agriculture and engineering. International vocational qualifications will also be pursued through City and Guilds.
  • All students to have a qualification in mathematics – whether Cambridge Core or Extended Mathematics.
  • All students to be computer literate and equipped with both a basic International Computer Drivers Licence and a City and Guilds or Cambridge IT qualification.
  • Internet is to be made available in the hostels for students to use for research and with this, all students will have their own email addresses.


The continuation of one-on-one mentorship programmes so students have model adults that they can confide in and look to for support and guidance.
Infra-structurally, we are expanding and adding more boarding hostels so as to cope with the high demand for boarding places. We are also looking to convert the existing swimming pool into a heated pool so that swimming can continue throughout the year with the vision of producing more competitive and skilled swimmers.

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