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Posthumous honour for Taku Mafika

An event to honour the late talented musician and nyunga-nyunga mbira player, Takunda Mafika, has been set for October 20 at Arrupe College in Mt Pleasant.

At the time of his death, Mafika was actively involved in putting together a High Schools Musical Concert.

Unfortunately, after having founded the festival, Mafika never got to see his idea materialise the way he had planned.

An individual who will excel in playing the nyunga-nyunga mbira will be presented with an award, named after Taku Mafika during the High Schools Music Festival.

The award will be a befitting tribute to an aspiring musician whose quest for excellence resembles Mafika’s.

The award will include a trophy and a new set of the nyunga-nyunga mbira with a customised bag.

A certificate from the Zimbabwe College of Music will also be given to the winner.

People will vote for the winner through written nominations via a Facebook page that has been created.

One of the organisers of the event,Jeff Warara, told StandardLife&-Style the objective of the event is to add value to the essence of mbira music and encourage mbira musicians to obtain formal education with regards to playing the instrument.

“The individual who will win the award must be a compelling and prolific nyunga-nyunga mbira player,” said Warara.

The initiative is being hosted courtesy of Jesuits Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe College of Music.



About Taku Mafika

Born on October 31 1983, Mafika graduated from the Midlands State University with an Honours Degree in Music and Musicology in 2005.

Mafika was in a class of his own and on a mission to take the mbira music to an international level.

He toured Europe frequently where his music received wide support and rave reviews

Before he was admitted into hospital two weeks before his death, Mafika was in the studio putting final touches to a new album titled Black to Colour, which is still to be released.

Mafika gained fame soon after the release of his debut album titled Dzimwe Nguva.

His lyrics on the album touched on a wide range of issues, including love, freedom and peace.

He worked with the late Sam Mtukudzi, Alexio Kawara and Willom Tight, among others.

Meanwhile, this event coincides with the release of a new version of his debut album.

The album includes two additional songs, a remix the song Dzimwe Nguva and a new track titled Magumo that echoes Mafika’s last moments which were not featured in the first album.

As if foreseeing his death, in Magumo  Mafika sang about the end of various human activities due to death. Mafika died on October 12 2011.

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