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Everything starts with your entry hall

Last week we looked at the entrance hall and the importance of colour in your design. Once again, don’t be afraid of using colour, the correct use of paint can help you create elegant living spaces, and everything starts with your entry hall.

Helen Devmac
If you are not sure of how to proceed, get professional advice. Let an experienced designer guide you through your fantasies! The entrance hall is such a very small space in comparison to the rest of the house and there are so many different design and décor ideas to look at.

To put it quite simply, we shall in the next few articles look at flooring, rugs and runners, plants, lighting, tables, chairs and pictures, and how all these can be used to great effect.

This area has a lot of traffic passing through, and it is the point at which people enter your house — think of the many pairs of feet bringing in debris from the outside. The floors must be hard wearing and easy to clean.

Wood, vinyl, cement, stone, ceramic and porcelain are all excellent choices. Wood, cement, and stone  have the potential to look really great when properly cleaned and buffed to a high gloss.

If you want your entrance to really look dramatic, how about a hexagonal pattern in black and white tiling which could either be vinyl ceramic or porcelain?

For easy care and maintenance, I would not recommend carpeting as a choice for your hallway. Even where the entire house is carpeted, go for a different type floor in this space. Décor is all about dressing up or dressing down, so in your hallway a rug or runner is essential. It is not only functional but lends great style and elegance to your hallway.

Rugs and runners
I believe there is a distinction to be made here — a rug is either rectangular, oval or round, while a runner’s length is much longer than its width. Whatever floor type you choose for your hallway, its appearance can be greatly enhanced by the use of rugs and runners.

They are particularly effective in emphasising the elegance and gloss of your floors as the patterns and colours on the rug have the effect of directing the attention of any visitor to the floor.

There is a wide selection of patterns and colours from which to choose. So the right rug or runner in your hallway will just bring the space together.

And remember the hallway rug is also functional as it serves the purpose of protecting your flooring and, depending on the level of traffic in this area, you may have to change the rug every six months. Take every precaution to ensure that your runners and rugs are not slippery by placing rug pads under them.

Greenery in the hallway
Plants can be used to great effect in the hallway provided there is adequate space and light. They liven up the space and have the added advantage of providing that transition from the outdoors to the indoors.

Using moss to cover the soil in the pot helps the plant retain moisture and contain dust. Large plants do just as well as the smaller plants.

You may stack all your small plants and greenery on a stand in your hallway taking care to ensure that the size and style of the stand complements the furniture in your hallway. For example, you could have a wrought iron table or mirror complementing a wrought iron plant stand.


How to give your kitchen a facelift

Need ideas for kitchen design will help you freshen the look of your kitchen? There are different ways you can achieve your goal of interior decoration products, even if you have a limited bank account. You do not need to set up your kitchen decor a specific topic. Sometimes the best way to give your kitchen a facelift is to keep certain items that you really like to replace the old and new.

Here are some great ideas of kitchen design, you can put to good use:

Painting is an inexpensive way to pump vitality back into your walls. If you tend to stick neutral, because the of fear of colour, it is time to put the fear of the colour of the back. The kitchen should be happy space full of energy.

Consider to brighten the walls a nice shade light or bold yellow, orange or red. These colours promote heat, socialisation, and even orange can stimulate appetite.

On the other hand, if you really like the colour green, maybe you should concentrate your kitchen cupboard design ideas around in the shade.

If you do not feel your walls need painting, you do not want to paint, or even if you choose, the curtains are the ideas of kitchen design, you should also be considered. Adding curtains is another way to add colour and décor in the kitchen.

We are all tired of watching the same things every day. That is why one of the main ideas of kitchen design is to amend the objects we use every day every now and then.

There are several options in your kitchen cupboard design ideas that you can change and are not expensive to replace.

Some of these articles are salt and pepper shakers, bread box, paper towel holders, towel racks, storage jars, fruit bowls, etc. Many of these items come in different colours to give you the opportunity to change the look of your kitchen.—

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