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Career guidance benefits thousands

The City Street Career Guidance Show, which was part of Ranche House College’s free community benefit scheme, resulted in more than 10 000 people from different walks of life getting first-hand information and assistance on careers and training options.

The head of training at Ranche House College, Simion Mupunga, confirmed that the exhibition, which took place between September 24-29 2012 along first street, was a great success, owing to high organisational skills of the exhibiting team and the public’s dire need for career information.

“It is not surprising that a lot of people came at our stand during the week-long free career guidance show because information has been a missing link in choosing lasting and rewarding careers.

“Information is power. someone must think left, then right and decide high because careers are lifetime choices that have to be made carefully”, Mupunga said.

He said that colleges must not only have a responsibility of delivering lectures, but should go an extra mile to examine student potential and link it with the best rewarding career.

Mupunga in the past weeks urged colleges to be community developers than registration takers.

“It is in the same spirit that as Ranche House College, we prioritise mutually beneficial interests above any other desire.
“This event was worthwhile to help and benefit the society. nothing is a waste of time if one uses the experience wisely. We shall have more of these events. over and above, we will have the US$45 dollar fees promotion on all courses run for October and November intakes”.

Commenting on the high turnout, he said, “the response was amazing.It was surprising to notice that many people did not know the benefits of clothing and textile technology courses and were very much interested in studying towards these courses that will create for them self-employment and empowerment. in particular, people were enthused by Wedding Decor, Interior Decor, Fashion design and Bridal wear.

The co-ordinators were very happy at the response and the number of students who needed assistance in various disciplines.

“The event was a great success. the School of Business Studies and Social Sciences had well-designed career information, which aimed at those who wanted to pursue careers in import and export, community development, HIV and Aids, Marketing, Business Management and PR, to mention a few”, said Kautare of the School of Business Studies and Social sciences.

The School of ICT co-ordinator, Simbarashe Maworera, said, “we made people understand that ICT is becoming the future and encouraged people to undertake courses in Computer Engineering and Computing and Information Systems. the response rate was great”.

Prospective students who were asked to comment said this was a unique experience.

“We have not had a chance to weigh our areas of strength, but this was just a unique opportunity and now I know that I will do Interior Decor and Wedding Decor,” said one lady who preferred anonymity.
Bertha Masokovere, who opted for a Marketing course, said her career ambitions were revived.

“I had lost hope, but now with the advice, I found strength and will fulfil my career dreams”.

— Ranche House College

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