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It does not hurt to be strict with children

Grace Mutandwa is correct; parents do need to be strict with their children (The Standard September 30 to October 6 2012).

Children can be evil and have become mean to the extent of cyber-bullying (using social media to bully their peers).

While parents think they are buying cellphones to stay in touch with their children, the children are using platforms on the phones such as WhatsApp to ridicule their “perceived”competition.

On these platforms, the “mean ones” then post messages that such and such is gay, not a virgin or is a slut, messages that demean the intended victim.

Some children have Facebook accounts and are using these accounts to bully the ones who are not on those platforms, or not so “popular”.
While the world is becoming a global village, it is important for parents to monitor their children’s accounts and platforms that they visit.

Parents need to know how social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp work.

Children have been molested, raped, kidnapped and even killed by some so-called “friends” they would have made on these social networks.

In some incidents, teenagers have committed suicide after having been cyber-bullied and demeaned online.

As parents, let us ask ourselves if children in primary school really need cellphones, and especially, during the school term? Do children need to have access to DStv or Wiztech channels in their bedrooms?

Let us be parents to our children. It does not hurt to be strict with them.

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