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Wishing MDC-T a happy 13th birthday

It is an open secret that the 13-year-old MDC under the leadership of the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, encountered countless hurdles along the way which threatened the very existence of the party.

As the party celebrates its 13 years of existence — having managed to painstakingly rail-road its 2006 Congress resolutions towards the transformation of our country into a democratic one — the theme, The last mile towards real transformation resonated well. We are now on the last of the resolutions, which is the constitution-making process.

Thirteen MDC flags, together with the Zimbabwean flag, flew at the event. The release of 13 white pigeons by the MDC leader, helped to add glitter to the day, which was also attended by leaders of the civic organisations like the Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, Bulawayo Agenda and Coalition Crisis of Zimbabwe, as well as the foreign diplomats. The Botswana delegation gave a solidarity speech on behalf of President Ian Khama and the people of Botswana.

Of great importance was the endorsement of the draft constitution by civic organisations at the event. This helped to give credence to the draft constitution ahead of the Second All-Stakeholders’ Conference due to be held this month.

It also reinforced the idea that if Zanu PF unwisely chooses to campaign for a “NO” vote during the referendum, the party will most likely lose.

The civic society leaders however, made it clear that the document was not a perfect one, but given a chance, the draft is better than the Lancaster House Constitution.

Tsvangirai thanked the people of Zimbabwe for their support of MDC since its inception in 1999 and urged them to continue with their support as the walk towards the last mile, towards real transformation, gathers momentum.

As the party prepares for the last mile towards real transformation, people’s confidence needs to be restored. The leader’s words need to be taken seriously and discipline should be the guiding principle.
It is possible. It can be done. In Tsvangirai we have a good leader whose effort needs to be complemented. A leader who knows how to say sorry.

Mamuse Maunganidze
Mount Pleasant.

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