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Extracts from the book ‘Veritas 1892-2012’

“The day of the Sisters’ arrival in Salisbury was July 27 1891. On the first of August they began their work in the hospital which comprised three large huts, a marquee, and some tents.

One hut served as kitchen, another as dispensary, and the third, with marquee and tents, was used for the patients. In their small settlement at Salisbury they were on a constant war-path against the imprudent and aggressive rats whose name was legion! It was quite evident that they were not afraid of anybody, not even of the white-robed Dominican Nuns!

They would not budge, but assumed a ‘We-were-here-before-you’ attitude.

“One of the sisters could not believe the reports she heard of the destructive activities of the white ants until her own shoes, which she had left on the mud floor next to her bed, were nibbled to bits!
“As the population of Salisbury was slowly increasing, the sisters were asked to open a school in 1892.

The first application came from Concession. As the sisters had the responsibility of managing the hospital they felt that it was not yet possible to establish a school, but when further applications were received something had to be done to supply for a pressing need. Now for a school! It was a case of making bricks without straw and the result — a fine up-to-date structure in wattle and daub.
“On September 8 the foundation “Pole” was laid by Father Hartmann in the presence of Father Kerr, Superior of the Zambezi Mission, and the small community of sisters.

On October 18 the school was opened and 10 little scholars commenced their lessons in their new school hut — the country’s first school!”

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