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Big Brother UK star Makosi in Zimbabwe

Former Big Brother UK housemate, Makosi Musambasi is in Zimbabwe.

Report by  Nqaba Matshazi

The stunning beauty arrived yesterday and paid a courtesy call to The Standard newsroom where she revealed her intention to promote her new lifestyle talk show, as she hopes to put the controversy that beset her in the UK behind.

Makosi said her first visit to Zimbabwe in seven years was meant to absorb the culture in her country of birth, hoping this would feed into her talk show.

She also hoped it would be aired in the country.

“I left Zimbabwe 13 years ago and since then, a lot of things have changed. so I want to use this opportunity to absorb the culture and society.

“I want to re-acquaint myself with the country so that when my show airs, I would know what I will be talking about,” she said, adding that she was a pan-African and she wanted her show to illustrate that.

The stunning beauty said she wanted to move on with her life and put her Big Brother appearance behind her.

Makosi said despite the doors that opened for her, thanks to her stint in Big Brother, the show almost led to her downfall as it drove her to alcohol and at one time she considered doing drugs.

“Before Big Brother I was naïve. I divulged lots of information about myself to the show producers and this is the information that they later used against me.

“There were journalists from The Sun here (in Zimbabwe) who were digging up all that information — like who my first boyfriend was. I had unsuspectedly divulged this information in the forms I filled before I entered the show,” she said.

Suddenly becoming pensive, Makosi said she enrolled in Big Brother as she needed a break, describing her life as a nurse, as monotonous and unfulfilling.

The Zimbabwean-born Makosi became instantly popular during her stint on Big Brother UK because of her bold attitude, but her stunts of going topless on the show divided public opinion on her.

After she was evicted from the show, she lurched from one scandal to the another and she said this almost broke her spirit.

She paid tribute to her grandmother, whom she said prayed for her during the hard times.

“Because of the hollowness I felt, I was driven to do some things which my parents would not be proud of, like posing for a photo topless. I felt I had become the black sheep in the family.”
The former Big Brother UK housemate said she was grateful her parents have not asked her about what happened in the house, saying that would have been an awkward discussion.

On her failed return to England, Makosi who said she was now based in Zambia, said the story was riddled with inaccuracies, but she did not want to discuss it.

Makosi reportedly tried to enter England using a friend’s passport, was caught and deported to Nigeria, where she became based then.

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