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Toilets quite easy to construct

The problem of using the bush system is very high in Matabeleland North. There is need for thorough awareness campaign on the merits and demerits of the bush system.

To build a conventional toilet, one must dig a pit about 1,5 m x 1,5m x 2m and use about 1 000 bricks to build both the pit and exterior wall.

Only a lazy, bear globetrotter would not spare a moment to mould
1 000 bricks, dig a 4,5 cubic metre pit, mix soil and clay to build a toilet that he calls his own.

Honestly, we can’t expect someone else to do that for us. Not donors, not the government, not even umMkwenyani (son-in-law).

If one can’t build his own toilet, can he send his children to school? Can he maintain dilapidated roads under voluntary village social work? Can he bring development to his village? Minister Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, honestly you do have a tough task on your hands.


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