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Inspiration drives fashion trends

The other day I was thinking about men and women’s fashion trends.
A number of women’s trends are inspired by men’s clothes, especially in the more recent seasons when we have really embraced masculine trends.

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Some men do not like it because they would rather be the only masculine-looking ones while the ladies have something a lot more feminine.

Other men are indifferent as long as the man looks good in it. Then again, wearing boy trends does not mean we have to forgo our femininity.

Anyway, we are grateful for the trends that men have inspired, namely:


  • Tuxedo jacket and bow tie — it is tailored. The tailoring is so flattering to our figures and they both take looking chic to a higher level.
  • Boyfriend jeans and shorts — there is just something about the way these are not tight-fitting, though they are the right size. They fit loosely, but we still feel good when we wear them. They are very comfortable.
  • Brogues — thank God for the designers that found a way of making them less chunky and designing more flattering ones.
  • Waistcoats — these are a sophisticated alternative to the jacket. They can also be used to add variety to staple outfits.

After looking at how men had inspired our look in these past seasons, I realised that we too had inspired male fashion:

  • The jerry curl — women were not the only ones making their way to salons to have chemicals applied to their natural hair and make it curly. Then again, we also inspired relaxing hair too.
  • Cornrows — braiding hair is not just a “girl” thing. Thanks to hip-hop videos, cornrows on men are OK. Though in my world, a good old haircut trumps the fancy hairdo.
  • Shoes that match the shirts — we ladies have been doing that for ages. I’ve noticed that men now have a wider colour palette when it comes to their loafers.
  • Skinny jeans — we had been wearing them for a while before men jumped on the bandwagon. I’m just curious about the comfort aspect for since they are quite tight.
  • Colour-blocking — initially skinny jeans came in blue and black denim.Now we have them in all kinds of shades and hues. The younger men are experimenting with colour-blocking.

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