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Comedian recounts hurricane horror

Carl Joshua Ncube’s anticipated spellbinding tour of the United States turned horrific when Hurricane Sandy struck.

Report by Godwin Muzari

The Zimbabwean comedian was about to leave Orlando for New York when nature unleashed one of its fiercest disasters.

He quietly sat in his room, shivering at the sight of video clips of the hurricane’s trail of destruction.

He thought of his wife who was on a ship, deep in the Caribbean, where the severe tropical storm had hit hard.

It was a few weeks after Ncube wedded his longtime girlfriend Nesly Mugadza in Bahamas, but the couple could not spend much time together because she had to go back to her job on the ship.

Now, with the ship some days behind schedule to dock on the coast because of the growing storm, the comedian grew anxious, afraid and uncertain.

He feared for his wife, for his life and for his tour. He was not sure how the harsh winds would end.

“My wife works on a ship in the Caribbean. They got hit first and were stuck out at sea for a few days. I was in Orlando and still am,” Ncube began his narration on a Facebook chat with Standardlife&style on Thursday.

“I was very scared for my wife. We had just got married. Thankfully with those ships, they really play it safe and stay away from dangerous waters. But it still doesn’t put you at ease. She is everything to me.”

He spoke of how he feared he would also be caught in the hurricane.
“We were lucky not to have gone through it but you could see the effects of the hurricane far inland. The destruction is heartbreaking.”

“I am just stuck in Orlando right now and can’t get to my next destination in New York because the airports are not functioning yet
“I was hoping to have been there the same night Sandy hit and my flight was cancelled.”

However, his relief came when he knew that his wife was safe and was told that he could still go on with his next assignment when things get calm.

“I hope they will fix things in time for my course on the 13th (of November) but I have been assured that the college is still operational. I just need to get there in time.”

As of Thursday, Ncube was calming down his nerves with various entertainment activities in Orlando.

“I am occupying my time now by looking for more Orlando open mic shows and watching heaps of comedy. I am doing other entertainment related research for application back home.But it’s not a train smash since there’s still lots of time for me in the US until I depart on December 1.”

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