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A great way to entertain outdoors

We have spent the last few weeks looking at outdoor entertaining, and this week we remain outside as we look at other options for outdoor entertainment.

Report by Helen Devmac

Our climate is ideal for spending as much time as possible out in the open. Unfortunately, we do not do so as often as we should.

The outside kitchen has become very popular as the ideal setting for entertaining. It gives the host the perfect opportunity to cook while at the same time interacting with guests, even getting the guests to take part in the cooking.

There are of course many other advantages to having an outside kitchen.

It is almost stress-free entertaining; you do not have to worry about young kids running in and out of your dining room, they have the wide expanse of the garden in which to play, guests spilling food and drink on carpets and floors.

Any spillages are dealt with by simply hosing down the floor and furniture.

And, for us in this part of the world where the heat is almost stifling, there is no need to be cooped up in a hot and steamy kitchen when you could be cooking in the open air, and what about power load shedding ? The outside kitchen is a perfect solution to power cuts.

Cooking outdoors for most of us in this part of the world evokes memories of open fires, braaivleis, poejtikos, pit fires, etc.
The outside kitchen has evolved beyond just an open fire or braai stand; its become very fashionable and a very welcome addition to the entertaining space in any modern home.

If you are thinking of installing an outside kitchen, there are a few considerations you should take aboard :
The space does not need to be very big but must provide adequate room for cooking lounging and dining. Ideally, it should be situated as close to the inside kitchen as possible, so that you have access to running water and are able to carry dishes and utensils in and out of the kitchen.

It must be well-constructed using indestructible materials such as timber, metal and concrete, and must be built to last and to function in all seasons.

You must have working surfaces on which to put your utensils as they come on and off the stove or fire.

Ideally, it should have a roof, to protect you and your guests from the direct heat of the sun and rain.

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