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Versatile: The way to dress this year

The year 2012 brought with it some really snazzy fashion trends.

Grooming with Heather R

Some I loved, some I was unsure of. I prefer timeless trends instead of crazy ones that look so obvious that when the masses jump on that band wagon, you find yourself wishing that the trend would have just passed you by.

Now that we are in a new year, there are some trends I would love to see making a comeback and others that I just wish would remain in 2012. I have a list of 10 trends — six that I love and four that I dislike. Here are my six favourite trends:

The turn-up blazer
I love the versatility of this item of clothing. It can be worn with jeans, over a dress with a full-skirt, shorts, anything. It gives you a smart look without looking over-dressed.

Another versatile colour. I own so many white shirts, t-shirts, skirts and dresses. I just cannot get enough of it. It looks striking against any complexion. You cannot go wrong with white. I love white paired with nude or earth tones, very classy.  Just take good care of your whites so that they are in pristine shape every time.

It is the black person’s nude because it matches our skin tone better instead of beige which is the white person’s nude. Be it a handbag, pair of shoes, leather jacket or belt, it is understated chic statement.

It is versatile, once again. By now you can tell that I love versatile clothing items instead of ones that stand out and can only be worn here and there and a certain way only.

Black and white will never go out of fashion, ever. It may be termed as predictable or bland but in my world it is a classic, sophisticated look.

This is a very flattering style for women who have small waists like mine and it is also flattering for women with flabby tummies because it camouflages the flab.

How I love this trend. It is timeless and never looks old, ironic I know. Every woman needs something “vintagey” in her wardrobe, be it jewellery, handbags, blouse or dress.

FOUR least LIKED trends of 2012

Four of my least favourite trends are:
People really went to town with this one, especially with the coloured jeggings and skinnies. Gosh, it became more like colour-blinding. It became so common that doing it just looks tacky now, and uncreative.
If you, like me, once appreciated colour-blocking but find that it now puts you off, you can pair a bright colour with nude or tan heels or colour block with a softer palette of colours, for instance, pastels. The primary and secondary colours have clearly been overdone, time to say goodbye and move on.

The multi-coloured shoe
Once there are three or more colours on the shoe, it reminds me of colour-blocking, especially if the shoe has the colours in different blocks. Floral patterns or other patterns are fine but the shoe with the purple heel, fuchsia body and orange nose, no thank you.

Blue, green, purple hair extensions
We have hip-hop to thank for this but goodness me, this is a tricky trend to pull off and more often than not, it looks tacky instead of chic. Kudos to those of you that have managed to make it look classy.

Rainbow nails
I did not like this trend last year so I would like to see it remain behind in 2012, but it obviously isn’t up to me. It’s just a deep-seated desire I carry in my heart. I have nothing against bright colours but so many of them on one person don’t tickle my fancy. The rainbow is a beauty to behold but the same cannot be said about the multi-coloured fashion.

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