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Darker colours make the silhouette look slimmer

The right item of clothing will not make wide hips smaller but it can help disguise them:

  • l Full pleated skirts have wide hemlines that make the waist look smaller while the pleats glide over the hips.
  • l A long slim top that is not tight fitting. Tight-fitting tops tend to highlight everything.
  • l Darker colours worn at the bottom will make your silhouette look slimmer.

A short torso

  • In order to lengthen a short torso, you need to play with lines and “shift” the position of your waist in order to elongate the torso.
  • l Vertical stripes will lengthen the torso
  • l Long jewellery also makes one’s torso look longer.

A perkier butt
The best way to have a perkier butt would be to do exercises that target the gluteal muscles; but short of that, we can use our wardrobes to cheat.

  • l Heels — I know after my article two weeks ago, this may seem contradictory, but heels can do the trick by lifting your butt as walking in them tenses the muscles, creating a firm look. But please buy heels that are kind to your feet.
  • l Control underwear will lift your butt up and hide any dimples or cellulite you may have.

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