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Another star emerges from Mtawarira family

It is common for a single family to have more than one musician. This is evident from the Chimbetu family and many others in the country and abroad.


Some have labelled the Chimbetus “the Jacksons of Zimbabwe”, owing to their long list of musicians.

The family, however, is simply one of many others that have brought to the fore talented musicians.

Among the many Zimbabwean families in the music industry, are the Mtawariras.

Many remember the surname from the award-winning R‘n’B singer, Audius, who rocked the industry with his soothing tunes a few years ago.

Out of the Mtawarira family has emerged another promising musician in the form of Ronald, popularly known as “Rontingz”.

Unlike his brother, Rontingz is a rapper and is set to release his 12-track debut album titled Fearless next month.

Apart from the album, he has so far released a single title, Iwe, which rides on a vibrant hip-hop beat.

The young musician believes music runs in his family.

“Our father was a musician. Audius taught me everything I know about music and I think that sums it up. Music runs in our family blood,” said Rontingz.

A sound and music technology student, Rontingz writes and produces his music, which he says helps him determine the outcome of his projects.

“I was studying towards a degree in tourism management, as well as a sound and music diploma at a college in Malaysia. My father asked me to come back home because he was not feeling well and wanted me to assist in managing his two farms. Sadly, he passed away after my return.”

Rontingz and Audius took over the management of their father’s farms after his death.

“I can say I have done music for more than two years, though I am only going commercial this year,” said Rontingz.

Concerning the local music fraternity, he said, “I personally think there is enormous talent in Zimbabwe, but the main challenge is the lack of resources to help upcoming artists.”

“We are destined for greatness. that is the other reason why I opted to stay here. I see this country being one of the powerhouses of African hip-hop. It’s only a matter of time.”

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