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Montana ‘engages’ S African songstress

Local musician Que Montana has partnered South African songstress Velvet Lollita (real name Lorien Murray) to form a duo known as Untamed.


Montana relocated to South Africa last year and will release his first album in that country on June 3. The album, also titled Untamed, will introduce the new combination to local and international fans.

He said he is excited with the upcoming release and is glad that with Lollita, they have managed to create a new sound.

When the artist moved to Mzansi, he struck gold and signed a lucrative deal with Coolspot which publishes music with Sheer and Risa record labels.

Since then the multi-talented bassist, percussionist and keyboardist has been working with various artists before engaging Lollita.

Montana has classified the work as that of two connoisseurs who were mentored and nurtured in totally different genres.

“The 10-track album is a breath of fresh air, new sound, unimaginable blend of voices and style,” said Montana.

He said for him the most amazing element on the album is how they have managed to fuse deep African rhythms with Western styles creating a whole new music style that “truly is untamed.

“Fans who have listened to the music say every song sounds different and refreshing,” he said.

The musician said the album is mostly in IsiZulu and English with one song in Shona.

“We are due to do a national tour in South Africa to take music to the people. After that we have tours lined up for Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana Malawi and Mozambique.”

“The regional tour will act as preparation for our European tour set for early next year.”

“I am really excited about the release. It has taken a bit of time having to get acquainted to the systems here because it is a whole different industry.

“I really love our sound and the fusion we have created. I feel it was worth the wait, at least now I can start performing again which is really great because I had missed being on stage and doing what I was born to do.”

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