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No excuse for showing underwear

Showing your underwear, regardless of how beautiful or sexy it is, is not “cool”.

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Like the name suggests, it is to be worn under your clothes and secretly tucked away. Women are not the only culprits here, men are too. We do not want to see your boxers.

Contrary to what one may think, the displaying of underwear is never a good look. Ever!

I have seen enough underwear atrocities of late and I felt it was imperative to address it again.

Backless tops are on the rise, as are the wrong bras being worn with them. If you are going to buy a backless top them you need to invest in a backless bra. If that is not an option then improvise; wear a bra, then a strapless top over it then your backless top on top.

It may defeat the purpose of it being a backless top but it is better than showing us your bra.

Multi-way bras have detachable straps and can be worn in a variety of ways to suit the top. The advantage of buying multi-way bras are: you can wear normal straps i.e wear bra straps the normal way.

If you put on a tank top you can just cross the straps at the back.
To dress appropriately when you are rocking a halter neck top, just wear one strap around your neck.

If you are wearing a top with normal straps, it makes no sense to wear the bra the halter way because we can see the strap. If you are wearing a halter top then wear the halter bra, instead of exposing the straps by wearing the bra the normal way. If it is a strapless top, remove the straps.

There is absolutely no excuse for the visible panty line. Your three primary options are:

G-string panty: Personally I do not like this one. It is uncomfortable and makes me feel as though I have a constant wedgie.

It can also result in bacterial infections, as it shifts positions from front to back. For others however, it gets the job done without any hassles.

Seamless underwear: These have no seams, so they look as though you are not wearing any underwear. Yet you are fully covered. I love it.

Going commando: That means not wearing any underwear at all. Not an option I would ever try but a good number of women are comfortable enough to do it.

Pick the one that works for you and quit showing us your panty line.
Always match your underwear to your clothes, that way should it slip out it is not so obvious. Wearing a hot pink bra under a brown top is ugly.

Wear a belt to keep your trousers up so that you don’t show your underwear to the public.

Keep your underwear under, that it where it belongs.

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