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Caring for your body this winter

Earlier on this season I was convinced it was going to be a warm winter, but I have since changed my mind.

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Yes, I have overdressed once or twice during the day but that was short-lived because as evening approached, the temperatures dropped drastically and I was putting those very layers back on.

As winter has hit, I have discovered a few things I would like to share:
Sunglasses are not just a fashion statement, they also shield your eyes from the harsh sunlight (duh, that was obvious), hang on, that is not the “interesting tidbit”.

The sunglasses mean you do not have to squint when you are in the sun, meaning less chances of you developing crow’s feet (fine lines) around your eyes. So rock those sunnies.

Even though it is cold the sun’s rays are still not safe, therefore sunscreen should not get shelved, it is still a necessary part of your everyday skin care routine.

Water is a lot harder to drink in the winter because it is cold and we tend to reach for hot beverages yet its necessity does not decrease because of the cold weather. If you are finding the cold water hard to drink, heat it up a little.

The winter has a tendency of drying out our hair and skin, so we need to increase moisture boosting treatments.

We have our heaters on for a large part of the day, plus drinking less water is bound to increase our chances of dehydration. Now would be the time to change your facial skin care regimen to something moisture intensive. Like a moisturiser for dry skin or keeping your regular moisturiser and using a moisture boosting serum that you can apply before or after your moisturiser, depending on the brand.

If you are 30 years and older, it is time to embrace age deceleration products. They will reduce the appearance of fine lines and help your skin regenerate new cells, (as if turning 30 is not bad enough). I celebrate my birthday in the winter, so I have been doing some research on what this new decade of my life brings with it.

This weather encourages a lot of unhealthy snacking. Refined carbohydrates hit the spot the best, but by the time summer comes we have outgrown our clothes; we dislike our bodies because they are heavier and plumper and we do not know if we will be able to return to our old sizes. I was thinking, wouldn’t we be better off if we ate our hearts out and also found a way of working it off during the winter, so we feel less remorse in the summer?

We would be much happier in the summer. Truth be told, I love the winter spread, if I do not maximise on the winter weight gain, it may not happen at all.

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