A bit of motherly paranoia is healthy

It is healthy to exhibit a bit of paranoia. It is healthy to harbour some suspicion and to question the “kindness” of complete strangers.
Report by Grace Mutandwa

Years ago, when I heard stories of mothers losing babies or toddlers to seemingly kind strangers, I felt great sympathy. Now when I hear yet another such story I feel really angry and my anger is directed at the mothers. Why are some mothers so ready and willing to just handover their babies to strangers?

When my children were young I never trusted anyone around them. I knew everything about my maid, where she came from, her relatives in Harare and other places, and I collected every bit of information that I thought would help me track her down, if she ever got it into her head to disappear.

When I took my children into town or anywhere, I would always make them use the toilet before leaving home and if they felt like using the toilet later, I would take them into a restaurant or hotel toilet — all three of them. I did not endure several hours of labour just to have them snatched by someone.

Except for the hours I spent at work, I never let my children out of my sight. I would always phone from work to check on my children.

Yes, I was that kind of a mother, because I knew there were evil people desperate for children.

Now we have a crop of mothers who thrust their babies on strangers.

We have mothers who are asked by complete strangers to go and buy food, and leave their babies with the strangers! At what level does that ever feel like a genuine act of kindness?

Women, who as children were strapped on the backs of their own mothers until they could walk, cannot carry their own babies on their back to keep them safe.

Strap your baby on your back and accept the strangers’ money and go and buy the food if you are that desperate. Strap that baby on your back and use the public toilet if you must, but please do not entrust your innocent child to just any woman who pretends to be nice.

Maybe the police should start arresting not just the people who steal children, but also the mothers who simply handover their babies to strangers. If you are a mother be suspicious of people who show interest in your child. It is okay for people to classify you as mad because you care enough to be overly protective of your child.

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