Is Tuku courting rebel mbira player?

Superstar Oliver Mtukudzi is allegedly courting rebel marimba player Charles Chipanga and his wife Namatayi Mubariki back to his Black Spirits band.

Report by Silence Charumbira

Although Watson Chidzomba, a manager at the artist’s Pakare Paye Arts Centre dismissed the reports as ridiculous, indications are that Tuku has been sending emissaries to the Chipangas, offering them a chance to rejoin his group.

Chipanga and Mudariki, a vocalist, left Tuku in 2011 after an alleged dispute of a financial nature.

The Tuku camp seemed unmoved by the development, but lately it appears the void left by the Chipangas is difficult to fill.

“That is unfounded,” said Chidzomba.

“There is nothing like that. The problem is people do not understand what transpired when Chipanga left. If only people knew what happened, then you would understand what I am saying.”

Asked what exactly transpired Chidzomba said he could not go into details since he was not Tuku’s publicist.

“It is only because Samanyanga does not counter anything that happens publicly so let’s just leave it there.”

Chidzomba likened the claims to the “Tuku death rumours” that circulate daily.

Shepherd Mutamba, Tuku’s publicist said he was not aware of the issue since he was on leave.

Tuku is currently on a four month long oversees tour and will only be back in the country around September.

Chipanga was reluctant to comment on the issue but said many people have always come to him since the day he announced he was leaving.

“There are always people coming to talk to me about going back, although I cannot say whether or not they have been sent by Tuku,” said Chipanga.

“There is really nothing much we can say about the issue at the moment, other than that we are focussing on Namatayi’s debut album which is due for release in August.

“We have a band that we are running so if there is something coming, it has to be after our band.”

Tuku’s manager Sam Mataure had not responded to an email sent to him at the time of print.

One Response to Is Tuku courting rebel mbira player?

  1. Petros July 2, 2013 at 8:55 pm #

    I still think the chipanga’s space is there,if possible they must work together partly.then make some contracts.the band was perfect then

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