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Zim in BBA vote dilemma

Could the cold relationship between Zimbabweans Pokello Nare and Hakeem Munyaradzi Mandaza in the Big Brother The Chase influence the outcome of the eviction process taking place tonight?

Report by Tinotenda Samukange

Hakeem last week bluntly told Big Brother he was “not friends with Pokello”.

This was despite Pokello’s proclamation that she took Hakeem as “a little brother”.

The claim has left Zimbabweans polarised as they are this week again forced to choose between the two.

His dislike for Pokello could also dent his chances despite being elected Head of House for this week.

The budding enmity however might not be at the level of past participants Roki and Maneta who verbally and physically fought in full view of Africa resulting in their expulsion from the reality show.

In a candid diary session, Hakeem, who survived eviction last week without Zimbabwe’s vote, described Pokello as a girl from uptown, a colloquial for a privileged life and added that he would never be friends with her.

There have been a raging debate on social media on the relationship between the two countrymates.

Chiwoniso Demo posted on Team Pokello’s Facebook page: “Pokello must stay and Hakeem to come back home”.

Ashel Manyange posted: “People, we might blame Hakeem but to be honest enough, he got the bad influence from Cleo on the first date in the Rendezvous room that’s why Cleo keep (sic) nominating Pokello.”

To survive eviction, a housemate would need a vote from their country in order to at least have a starting point.

Hakeem and Pokello’s votes are likely to be split because most of the countries that saved Pokello when she was up for eviction are the same ones that also saved Hakeem.

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