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‘Madiz a rotten pumpkin’

Could ex Madiz dancer Andrew Maphosa be sparking a storm?

Report by Winstone Antonio

The young musician who is about to release his seven-track debut album Tazopinda Malevels recently ditched fading rhumba musician Madiz to pursue a solo career.

“A lot of you heard Alick Macheso labelling Franco Slomo and friends as being rotten pumpkins that needed to go so that they would not affect others but sometimes the bosses are the rotten pumpkins that affect us the workers,” said Maphosa.

“People thought I was going to sink after leaving Madiz but with this album title I am saying I have moved on and have actually struck the right chord.”

The musician said he decided to go it alone when his father died last year and he had to act appropriately.

He said he had even chosen the title to prove to a lot of individuals who had predicted his career would not take off after leaving Madiz, that he had done it.

“What forced me to go solo is that when my father died there was no one to pay the rentals at home and take care of my mother,” he said.

“The situation required more money than what I was getting while working for Madiz. I knew that I had the talent in me hence the decision to go it alone.”

Listening to the album one will not miss the rhumba touch that once made Madiz a household name a few years ago before his fall from glory.

Some of the tracks on the album include, Mama Africa, title track Tazopinda Malevel, Officer and Ndoerera Semvura among others.

Maphosa who is backed by his own dancing group Island Swag said his music was christened Urban Rhumba because it has a traditional feel and can be listened to by people of all age groups.

Just like any other musician in the country, the soft-spoken Maphosa said the road was not a bed of roses as he had to deal with those who were talking him down, lack of finances for the project and failure to get support from his family.

“My mother did not want to hear anything about me joining the music industry and the situation was so bad that she would even lock me out of the gate until I appeared on Madiz’s Kazevezeve video,” said Maphosa.

“But she has now accepted it and together with my grandfather, they have given me their blessings to continue and for the successful recording of this album I owe it to them, Sharp Mix who provided me with accommodation during my recordings and Dean Blues my producer,” he said.

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