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DStv launches new channel

Spanish and Portuguese-language serials — popularly known as telenovelas — are among the most popular television programmes in the world today, and in an exciting development for Africa, they have been brought to DStv viewers on a new 24/7 channel dedicated to this genre of entertainment.


“Telemundo was launched by MultiChoice Africa and Universal Networks International and is exclusively dedicated to telenovelas and their dramatic storylines, exotic locations and glamorous personalities,” said Liz Dziva, publicity and public relations manager for MultiChoice Zimbabwe.

“Telemundo is a welcome addition to the DStv Access, Family, Compact, Compact Plus and Premium bouquets on channel 118, where viewers will be invited to ‘feel the passion’ and see what millions of fans elsewhere are enjoying.”

In addition to increasing the range of programming available to DStv subscribers, the channel presents telenovelas as a popular entertainment format.

Telemundo presents some of the most compelling Spanish and Portuguese-language series in what is described as “a dramatic rollercoaster of romance, mystery, action and adventure and a world of exotic locations and glamorous personalities.”

“Telenovelas are a major force on the international entertainment scene and from launch time, viewers can look forward to stories of love, success and betrayal in telenovelas such as Aurora, Precious Rose, My Heart Beats for Lola and Behind Closed Doors. Telemundo will be fully localised for the African market with dubbing in English,” Dziva said.

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