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Inside Track: Ask around before falling for someone

A brother head over heels in love with his woman has over the three months gladly dropped off his woman at her “best friend’s” home.

Inside Track with Grace Mutandwa

At least twice a week the brother would collect the love of his life from her parents’ home, and drive her to her best friend’s house. Sometimes they would stop on the way and buy meat to barbecue, wines and beers and his woman would spend the afternoon eating and merry-making.

The guy was quite happy to have a woman who had such a strong bond with her best friend. He was so besotted with his new lover, that he had even set the date to pay the bride price and for a wedding.

But one day after dropping off his woman he was waylaid by an elderly woman, from the house next door. The woman asked him how he was related to the woman he had just dropped off. The brother happily told the elderly woman that, the young woman was his wife-to-be.

The brother said the elderly woman asked him how much he knew about his lover and how much he knew about the people who lived at the house he had just dropped off his lover.

Confidently, he said he knew and trusted his woman and knew that she was visiting her best friend. By now the elderly woman had been joined by another women who told the young man that his lover was actually in a long-term relationship with the man who lived at the “best friend’s” house. In fact, the man was the best friend.

The brother was puzzled. He had been introduced to a young woman at the house. His lover had claimed the young woman was her best friend who had in the past few weeks been elevated to maid of honour in the upcoming nuptials.

The women put him straight. Yes, there was a young woman who lived at the house but she was a sister to the man who was having an affair with the brother’s lover.

According to the brother, the women also told him that he was not the first guy to be lied to. There had been a string of other young men who also later discovered that they were being used. They advised the young man to go and park his car a few blocks away and then sneak back to the house after half an hour.

He did as advised. His lover and her other man were relaxed and settled in for a long day of fun and games. They were making out, on the couch when the brother walked in on them. He said he was so shocked he screamed but no words came out. He walked out and after what had happened never expected to hear from the young woman again.

But he was dealing with an audacious young woman. She called and tried to lie her way out of it. To make matters even worse, she claimed that she was expecting his child and claimed that on the day he walked in on her, her friend’s brother had tried to rape her.

Wedding was cancelled and the brother has told the woman that he will not accept responsibility for the unborn child. It turns out the “best friend” is a married man whose wife is abroad. The brother, still distraught from the incident, says he feels cheated and feels so scarred that he is not sure he will trust women again.

He has every right to feel cheated, but he should also blame himself for not getting to know his woman and her so-called friends better. Some women are honest but others are not. Rushing into relationships sometimes leaves young people open to abuse.

They say when you are in love you know, but that does not mean you should put everything on speed dial. Take your time and get to know someone before you commit yourself.

lGrace Mutandwa is a Communications Specialist, Media
Trainer, and published Author. She can be reached at:

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