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Pokello in the limelight as Stunner licks wounds

The pain of being dumped by a lover is often unbearable. It comes with heartbreaks that are not easy to nurse.


It is even worse when a lover delivers the “divorce” message in public. So, Desmond “Stunner” Chideme’s heart should have sunk when he was publicly dumped by ex-girlfriend Pokello Nare just after her exit from Big Brother Africa: The Chase.

Pokello fell for Ghanaian BBA housemate Elikem. Wounds should be fresh on Stunner’s heart, but the urban grooves musician has tried to keep his feelings to his personal emotional moments, telling everyone he has moved on and is not jealous of Pokello’s new relationship.

However, the musician porttrayed his jealous and fresh heart wounds to Standardlife&style when he declared he would never come face-to-face with his successor, Elikem.

“I do not want to meet him. I would never meet him. Even if I was given an opportunity to perform at the gigs they have planned for their Zimbabwe fans, I would not take the offer,” Stunner said.

Stunner said his statement did not emanate from a bleeding heart or jealousy.

“Look, here is a guy who wants to marry my ex-girlfriend and there is no need for me to be involved in their affairs. I attended Pokello’s welcome home party but I can never attend their [Pokello and Elikem’s] events for anyone’s amusement.

“I am not jealous because I have moved on, as Pokello has done. I actually wish her the best. We had not gone to a level of discussing marriage with Pokello and I understand her because she has found someone who is prepared to marry her.”

Elikem arrived in the country on Friday to meet Pokello’s family and mingle with his local fans. The Ghanaian told our sister paper NewsDay that he was excited to meet his future in-laws.

“Coming to Zimbabwe is something I have always wanted to do. Finally, I will meet Pokello’s mum and her family,” Elikem said.

“After the eviction show, I spoke to Pokello’s mum and have been looking forward to meeting her ever since. She seems to like me judging by her responses on the phone.”

Pokello was also excited to have her new-found love in the country to introduce him to her family and Zimbabwean fans.

The lovebirds were scheduled to have fun with their fans at parties that would involve a number of local artistes.

Stunner would be in his shell during the eventful weekend. He does not want to talk about his love life after Pokello, but prefers to share ideas about his career.

“I am now focussing on my music career. I was in the United Kingdom and shot some videos. I am expecting the videos in the country anytime. I cannot waste time monitoring what Pokello and Elikem are doing because I have a career to work on.”

Ironically, Elikem told Ghanaian media he knew about Stunner and had watched the sex tape featuring the musician and Pokello. Elikem said he does not mind his new lover’s past relationships.

7 Responses to Pokello in the limelight as Stunner licks wounds

  1. styles September 8, 2013 at 4:55 pm #

    Wamama Stunner, unofunga kuti ndiwe uneyese nxaaaaa, ndakumaka mhani,mboko yemunhu

  2. Ler mtwawa September 8, 2013 at 8:32 pm #

    every man bleeds somehow for a love is in all women that they abandon people who trully luv them for a moments pleasure,lam with u stunner in these pains.surely tym for u to shine is around the corner.keep it up your music is gud dude.

  3. Staera September 8, 2013 at 9:19 pm #

    Ita hako steady ,Stunner.Hapana kwazvinosvika zvaPokello naElikem.Kungoonana less than 3months motoda kuroorana?Seka hako,thus trivialising marriage.Someone is desperate here.Wait and see.Yr response Stunner shows maturity.Being dumped by an over excited,pompous woman in public is not the end of life.Keep focused Stunner.

  4. prince September 8, 2013 at 9:22 pm #

    pokelo,elikem and stuner are jus birds of the same further.let the dead bury their own dead.let them fix each other!

  5. hellen September 9, 2013 at 12:40 am #

    am really a fun of the polikem…cant wait to hear the wedding bells…all the best guys

  6. gustro September 9, 2013 at 2:42 am #

    Am a ghanaian but I bet u dis polikem tin is not going to work,,, its just for fame both r using each other. Stunner do not worry dey will dump each other like hot potatoes…… Its not real love…aaapuuuu

  7. lorna September 10, 2013 at 10:31 am #

    Stunner is a good guy as far as i know him personally , he is a reasonable guy and he is quite the gentleman and he lives in the real world most of the time , it goes without saying that i am a huge fan , Pokello i dnt know personally but i think she is HOOOT ! and i love the way she is always on point salute for that Pokelo , keep shinning , we love you , hope both Pokelo and Stunner find happiness even if its not with each other , i dnt think Stunner is being bitter or licking wounds but i would never wanna be in the same place with one of my exes and their new love interest its just awkward guys . as for Elikem well no comment . m so pokelofied and a big stunner fan ! Good luck to you both wish you success and happiness keep hustling for that dollar !!

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