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This Christmas give yourself the gift of life

We are in September and very soon it will be Christmas so I am going to slowly start getting you in the mood for the festive season.

Inside Track with Grace Mutandwa

I know a growing number of Zimbabweans are facing an uncertain economic future, scared of losing that job, hoping that girl or boy will finally notice them and just worried about making it into the coming year.

Those of us who are not politically connected, do not have much to look forward to, so we make do with whatever crumbs are tossed our way. But we live in the hope that one day we will all be equal before our rulers. While we hold onto that little hope, we might as well while up time trimming the hedges of our rough lives.

Love is a common denominator that binds us — the wealthy and the poverty-stricken. So I know even when everything else around you sucks, you all hope that you will find love, be loved and have the most amazing sex.
I cannot promise a truckload of delectable hunks or a plantation of the most gorgeous and sexiest of females, but I can help you retain the hope that tomorrow will be a better day, and that tomorrow might be the day you stumble on all that you dream of.

Preparation is very important in life. You prepare for a job interview, you should do the same for love.

You do not want to start wondering how to treat a woman or what romance is all about when you have snared a woman.

You should be ready to wow and mesmerise. You should be ready to transport your newly-found love to heights that he or she might never have even imagined.

Buy a copy of Sex Made Easy by Debby Herbenick and get stuck in. I know sex is not everything, but the reality is that a man or woman will not live happily ever after by words of love alone. Widen your horizons — read as much as you can and also talk to other people, but be careful whom you talk to because what some people know about lovemaking is borderline dangerous, so be careful out there.

I know I have said this before but please get your bodies in shape.

A man with a washboard stomach is likely to get some and a lot more than a man with a tummy that looks like a permanent home for triplets.

Getting rid of that beer gut also makes your tool look bigger, so there is a very huge advantage for all you men with big bellies to start working out.

Working out is no longer as boring as it used to be. You do not always have to use weights, machines, old-age aerobics or even push-ups. There are so many dance routines that give you a six-pack or if you are ambitious and an over-achiever, an eight pack in no time at all. Both men and women can find comfortable dance routines.

My favourite these days, is yoga and twice a week I also do a Hip-Hop dance, not just because it works but also because the guy in the DVD looks yummy.

For this Christmas, give yourself a gift of life. Visit your doctor for a full physical. Men hate asking for help so if you have a man in your life, make that appointment for him, and encourage him to go. You women also need to start looking after yourselves. Eat healthy, exercise, nurture healthy friendships and feed your mind.

After your physical, get down to some serious business of keeping tabs on your relationship and finding healthy ways of strengthening it.

Grace Mutandwa is a Communications Specialist, Media Trainer, and published Author. She can be reached at:
Twitter: GraceMutandwa
Skype: Wisteria42

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