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Sinners? brings Roki, Pauline together

Urban grooves musician Rockford “Roki” Josphats and ex-wife Pauline Gundidza recently came together for the production of a soundtrack to the new film, Sinners?.


The film, which was launched in Harare recently, will be released on DVD tomorrow. The DVD will be released concurrently with a CD of the soundtrack.

Roki and Gundidza are well-known for their on-and-off turbulent affair that has often crept into their professional links.

Sinners? is the first film production the duo has worked on. The former lovebirds spent about two weeks together in Roki’s studio working on the product.

Sinners? producer Daves Guzha said he had contracted the duo to do the soundtrack because he had confidence in their combined effort.

“They are both talented and I knew they would do pretty well together,” said Guzha.

“I worked with Roki on our theatre production titled Roki and Maneta at Theatre in the Park last year and I knew he would deliver. I approached him with the idea and he gladly accepted the offer. He worked with Pauline and Discord and the soundtrack is fantastic.”

Gundidza said she cherished working with Roki because of his versatility.

“We put our personal differences aside whenever we have a professional assignment,” said Gundidza.

“We get along very well and sometimes people exaggerate our differences. I can say we have managed to get over our previous marriage complications and we work as friends.”

Roki’s manager Bybit Areketa said she was excited by the way the ex-lovers worked together to come up with their debut film assignment.

“They are a perfect match and the involvement of Discord makes the combination brilliant,” said Areketa.

“They have worked together for a long time and things just fall into place when they are in the studio. It could have taken less time to come up with the soundtrack because the trio does not need much effort to complete a production.

“It had to take a couple of weeks because Roki is a perfectionist. He is one producer who can delete everything when you think you are done and you start afresh.

He believes in perfect final products. Sinners? producers were pleased to have a perfect final product and they are so happy about the work.”

Sinners? is a movie that explores the issue of female rapists. The subject is tackled in a comic way but brings to fore interesting issues underlying the mythical phenomenon.

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