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Unearthing writing talent in Epworth

Writers International Network Zimbabwe (WIN), an association for aspiring writers, has embarked on an Epworth Community Outreach Programme aimed at identifying and developing writing talent.


The project, which also aims to promote a reading culture in Epworth and its surrounding communities, is being supported by the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust and is running under the theme Ngatinyorei. Let us write. Kasibhaleni.

The outreach combines a comprehensive package of writing activities such as competitions, setting up writers’ and reading clubs in schools and the community. It also seeks to assist in the production of school and college magazines.

According to WIN founder and director, Beaven Tapureta, the network will also source books for donation to schools.

“The outreach will be of tremendous value to both the youth and adults interested in reading and writing poems, short stories, plays and novels,” he said.

“WIN has in place plans to invite established writers who will facilitate writing skills training workshops in Epworth, read manuscripts by new writers and generate reports.

“In addition to working with ordinary community members who are aspiring to write, we have 12 schools and private colleges selected under the outreach.”

He said through the outreach, new authors in Epworth would now be able to get professional guidance to improve their writing skills and get their works published on different platforms.

Tapureta said they are deeply indebted to the Culture Fund for financial support, as well as the Writers community for encouragement.

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