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Sinners? to show at Rainbow Cinema

The film Sinners? that has taken Zimbabwe by storm due to its no holds barred language and hard-hitting humour is set for the Rainbow Cinema starting this week.


Premiered last month, the film left many people spellbound with its language and gyrating stunts, described by many as a first of its kind in an industry infested with predictable storylines.

Sinners? is a film about three ladies who have been in the prostitution business for some time and realise little profits from the business.

Faced with the predicament of little profits emanating from prostitution, coupled with shaky and controversial backgrounds, one of them finds the much-required breakthrough.

Chipo, one of the prostitutes whose marriage has broken down irretrievably meets her aunt, the evasive mystical Aunty Vero.

Aunty Vero recruits her in-law and two of the other prostitutes into a more lucrative and rewarding business — that of raping men and collecting their semen.
She equips her recruits with the necessary apparatus for the job at hand.

The highway rampage that the three ladies embark on proves to be successful, but turns out to be a disaster at the end.

With use of the country’s three main languages, the film becomes acceptable in most parts of the country.

The Bulawayo Rainbow Cinema is also expected to receive this film before the film goes regional and international.

Daves Guzha, executive producer of the film said: “We have decided to take the film to Rainbow Cinema as another step in exposing the film to the market.

“It is already circulating in the market through DVD sales.”

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