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Simmad rebrands to remain relevant

A group of teenage girls paced jovially through a bus terminus, oblivious of the hustle and bustle of the central business district.


Many, especially touts, turned their heads whistling and hurling insults at the skimpily dressed teens, but they continued undeterred.

That was in 2002 when the majority of school going youths would sacrifice all there was to attend the Simmad Promotions gigs at WaterWhirld.

The ecstasy that characterised the Easter holidays, the first and last weekends of August and the first weekend of December was consistent, as school children went to unite with their friends and classmates.

But that is a thing of the past and Simmad Promotions proprietor Simba Madziwa says it is no longer sustainable.

He said the dynamics lately have rendered his concept archaic and he has had to re-brand.

“Times are changing and there is no way we can remain profitable in this day and age if we keep trying to push the same package over and over again,” said Simmad.

”Back then there were places like Synergy, Tropicana and Archipelago, where most of our clients would frequent, all those places are history now.

“Our clients back then are now mature and what we are now doing is to re-brand into a more mature stable to cater for the same people who can relate to the name Simmad.”

Dominated initially by Silverstone and Shocking Vibes (dancehall), Plaxedes Wenyika and Roy and Royce (RnB), Roki and Decibel, the gigs were virtually overwhelmed by school kids.

Simmad organises Tuku, Macheso gig in Chitungwiza

To make sure they conform to the viable music promotion trends, Simmad had to endure a baptism of fire after suffering heavy losses when they brought the Nigerian artist, Flavour.

Although he could not be drawn into revealing the loss, Standardlife&style understands he lost a number of top of the range cars and other properties.
To avoid such huge losses Simmad said for now they will concentrate on the local scene.

On that note, they are organising a gig scheduled for December 6 at Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex where superstar Oliver Mtukudzi, Alick Macheso, Jah Prayzah, Douglas Chimbetu and mbira group Madhonza Makuru trek to the venue to entertain revellers.

“We chose Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex because many people concentrate on Harare and people from the satellite town either have to travel all the way to Harare or play second fiddle,” Simba Madziwa said.

“So this is a package to the people who feel they are mostly shunned by promoters and for that the show will be priced at US$5 per head.”

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