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‘Mvurwi to become a sculpture town’

Mvurwi Town Council will on December 7 host an Art Exhibition at Pamvura Lodges in the town.


In collaboration with its partners, the exhibition’s objective is to promote local artists in terms of market exposure and help the community appreciate art as a career.

The art exhibition will be on-going following an investment promotion held in Mvurwi recently which seemed to attract potential investors to the town.

It would mainly focus on stone sculptures, wood art carvings and paint drawings.

Mvurwi Town Council auditor, Tafanana Chirikumarara said one of the objectives of the exhibition was to expose their artists to the “real art world” for them to eventually improve their standards of living.

“We are trying to promote investment in our town, create employment and eradicate poverty in line with government policies,” he said.

“We have realised that art is also one of the key economic drivers of Mvurwi Town Council.”

Chirikumarara said there were many artists from Mvurwi and surrounding districts like Chiweshe, Guruve and also from Tengenenge who would be participating at the exhibition.

Participating artists include Alice Musarara, Apronia Mususa, Maudy Muhoni, Kamurai Kavifu, Angasa Malola, Kilala Malola, Tutani Mugavazi, Jackie Jonas, Albert Wachi, Takawira Chikwanyanga, Benjamin Musendami, Josiah Manzi, Wilfred Tembo, Cloudious Muhomba, Cosmas Chifamba, Amali Maliza, Stabben Masakar, David Mushonga, Jusa Tembo and Conductor Kagore.

“We wish to make Mvurwi a sculpture city and we also wish to create jobs for the youths, add value to local products or stones and improve on beneficiation,” added Chirikumarara.

He said the artists would benefit mostly in terms of exposure as well the monetary benefits after selling their products. This would help the community at large to eradicate poverty.

“The event will be graced by prominent artists like Dominic Benhura, Tapfuma Gutsa, Simon Kavanze and Edward Chiwawa among many others,” he said.

He said their hope is to make the exhibition an annual event which would eventually make Mvurwi a sculpture town with the biggest gallery.

“People will become conversant with Shona culture and the community will benefit as this event will draw tourists — both domestic and foreign,” he said.

“As the passion for art heightens, some members of the community will either buy art pieces which will improve domestic tourism thus unlocking job opportunities and helping improve household income, help improve food availability and nutrition and eventually eradicate poverty.”

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