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Majaivana snubs fans’ petition

Lovemore Majaivana has snubbed a petition by local fans to come and perform in the country.


Majaivana has been in the United States for the past 10 years where he has vowed never to step onto the stage again.

In March 2011 Majaivana’s fans began signing a petition on a social networking site, Facebook, calling him to come back on stage by December 2011.

The Petition to Get Lovemore Majaivana out of Retirement was signed by over 2 500 fans but he never responded to the plea.

Majaivana is held by some music lovers in the same regard as the great Oliver Mtukudzi and Thomas Mapfumo and his sudden departure following the release of his 2001 smash hit Isono Sami left a multitude of his fans entertainment starved.

The emotional comments posted on the social networking site  blatantly show that fans desperately want him back but Majee, as he is affectionately known, is refusing to budge.

What irks his legion of his fans the most is that he has not publicly responded to the call.

Efforts to get a comment from the musician by this paper in the past months were also fruitless.

The Isono Sami hitmaker was one of the most decorated musicians in the country who quit music to seek greener pastures.

Many music promoters have tried to have him perform in the country, but that has come to naught.

Bulawayo-based music producer and promoter, Kelvin Nyathi, said he was not surprised by Majaivana’s refusal to come and perform.
He said when the musician was around he never got support from the same fans who now desperately wanted him back.

“When Majaivana was around, very few people attended his shows or bought his music and this forced him to quit music. People then preferred attending shows by South African musicians or Harare musicians than Majaivana, so this frustrated him a lot,” said Nyathi, adding that people in Bulawayo did not support their own artists as compared to those in Harare, forcing many of them to quit.

Majaivana’s son, Derrick, is trying to revive his father’s legacy although some fans say he will not fit into his father’s shoes.
Majee, who started singing at a tender age, was born in 1954 in Lower Gweru before he moved to Bulawayo with his parents.

In the City of Kings, he developed his music career and undoubtedly became the best musician to ever come out of the city.

He recorded many successful albums such as Salani Zinini, Jiri, Amandala and Isono Sami before he decided to quit out of frustration.

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