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Tuku has a new offering

Superstar Oliver Mtukudzi will be releasing his 62nd album when he returns from his overseas tour, Standardlife&style can reveal.


The musician is understood to have recorded a live audio and DVD at Pakare Paye Arts Centre before his departure for the United States.

Sources close to Tuku Music confirmed the maestro’s plans and said his new offering would be released when he returns from the US.

They said a chosen few were invited for the shooting.

“He invited about 100 or more for the shooting when he recorded on January 10 and 11,” said the source.

“The recordings have been taken to South Africa where the mixing and mastering are being done.

“All that and the production should be ready by the time he comes back into the country in April.”
The source said all the songs on the new album were new.
The musician is also said to have parted ways with percussionist Strovas Shadaya.

Shadaya is not part of the team touring with Tuku overseas.
Contacted for comment Shadaya confirmed he has not played for Tuku since September.

“I did not quit but it is up to the management to decide who tours and who does not,” said Shadaya.

Shadaya revealed there had been a fallout between him and the leadership but maintained he had not been fired.

“It is an in house issue. People always have problems,” he said.
Known for his energetic drumming routines Shadaya said he was not part of the recording that took place at Pakare Paye Arts Centre on January 10 and 11.

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