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Noel Marerwa grooms son

Noel Marerwa of the Seke-Mutema fame is nurturing his son Ishewedu to arts stardom.


Marerwa, who is also a playwright, said he was imparting his arts knowledge to his son after realisation that arts could now sustain livelihoods.

“I am very strict when I am teaching my son because I do not want to fail the way our parents did years ago. They urged us to pursue only academics as an investment,” he said.

Ishewedu, a Grade 6 pupil at Zengeza Primary School in Chitungwiza, has featured in the House of Hunger Poetry Slams at Book Cafe and at the House of Smiles (sponsored by Cesvi) where he wowed audiences.
He spoke glowingly of his father.

“I am inspired by my father who writes some of my poems while he also teaches me to write my own pieces,” said Ishewedu, beaming with confidence.

Marerwa said apart from poetry, his protégé is also learning how to play the guitar.

“I am actually trying to make him a versatile artist just like myself, so he is learning how to strum the guitar and play other musical instruments,” said Marerwa.

In recent years, the artist has been involved in theatre projects, including Ganyawu Express, which was banned from ZBC as well as the one hander Hot Water Bottle that featured former Studio 263 actress Tinopona Katsande.

In 2012, he also did another project Tirivangani, which explored conflicts in religious circles and was shown at various colleges and universities.

Marerwa hinted on a comeback but said it would be a surprise that would be announced just in time for release.

“I am contemplating a swansong, so fans out there are in for a surprise,” he said in parting.

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