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Pee-Kay: A street smart musician in the fast lane

Rolling in a top-of-the-range Range Rover Sport, it is difficult to accept Pee-Kay is just another musician.


At face value his good fortunes are in sharp contrast to that of his contemporaries and the fact that he is in the minority music genre, rap, only makes it more confusing.

But Pee-Kay has an explanation: “I am a businessman with interests in media arts and graphic designing and a musician, all rolled into one.

It is a result of my boyhood experiences; growing up in Borrowdale while spending significant time in Highfield. In Highfield I learnt how to survive on the streets and this made my life easier when I travelled to the United States after my high school,” said Pee Kay.

Born Patrick Kahlari, Pee-Kay has of late been dazzling the small screen with his video for the track Letting go which is already being played on Multichoice’s Channel O while the other single Ma1 is causing ripples on the local airwaves.

The video for Ma1 features prominent figures like Sulumani Chimbetu and former Big Brother Africa housemate Pokello Nare.
Pee-Kay appears in the video dancing along with sleek girls elegantly dressed in expensive clothes.

Ma1 re-mix which is still in recording phase will be laden with big names like Stunner, Roki, B Kay and Kaz and David Chifunyise among others.

According to the musician he was taught how music works in the United States by the record company that signed him on a two year deal in 2005.

“I started doing music in 1999 when I won talent show together Dumisane Maraire. Black Bird organised that show. Later on in 2001 Tich Mataz (Tichaona Matambanadzo) signed me and gave me exposure affording me time on television but it did not work. Music was not making money then,” said Pee-Kay.

“But the experience I acquired spending time in the ghetto ensured that I was street smart and book smart when I went to the States. My record company World Premiere Music then taught me how to survive on music which I think is the reason for which I can support my habits as a musician.”

At the American label that was also responsible for the digital distribution of his music, he recorded an album titled Like it or love it 2005.

Born on April 13 1984 Pee-Kay is the last born in a family of three born to a businessman father and a banker mother but believes his drive is hard work.

At Prince Edward School where he went for high school he said he used to get a chance to perform alongside his friend Simba Murerwa who was two years ahead of him.

“That is when I realised I could dance as my friends would always give me a chance to perform but I have always had a passion for rapping,” said Pee-Kay.

To mark his birthday in April the musician said he would release another single Kwakumberi which will be followed by a DVD.

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