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Walk with lions at Antelope Park

Antelope Park, situated on the outskirts of Gweru, is one rare animal conservancy where visitors are given the opportunity to walk with lions through the bush.

By Moses Mugugunyeki

The park, which is on a 3 000-acre expanse to the south west of Gweru has become a popular spot due to its unique activities, which include mingling and mixing with lions.

“Our activities include walking with lions through the bush, watching as they stalk and play among one another, bonding with their pride mates and learning about their natural habitat,” said Antelope Park marketing and public relations manageress, Judy Goddard.

“You are also able to take a tour of the lion sanctuaries, as Antelope Park is home to the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (Alert) lions, all of which is part of efforts to protect and reintroduce the African lion to the wild,” she said.

“We also offer exclusive night encounters, which is an extraordinary experience of being able to watch the lions hunting in their natural environment. You do this from the safety of our safari vehicles.”

She said another unique package was visitors viewing wildlife while riding on elephants or horseback.
“We also offer lunar rides during the full moon, a hauntingly beautiful occasion to see the landscape transform under the moonlight.”

Goddard said Antelope Park was an exceptional game reserve and a haven of beauty and tranquility.
“Antelope Park has a richly deserved reputation, offering the epitome of African hospitality —where personalised service and attention to detail is our main emphasis”.

The Park also offers a variety of accommodation options ranging from comfortable standard rooms to luxury lodges.
“We also have a designated camping area for all the adventurers who want to spend the nights gazing up at the African starlit sky. Our accommodation is ensconced right in the Zimbabwean bushveld and truly allows visitors to embrace the peace and serenity of the wild,” she said.

Antelope Park, which has also attracted foreign tourists, boasts of pristine dams where visitors can canoe or go fishing. There are also various species of birds for avid bird watchers.

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