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Choosing the right shoe

When buying shoes, have you ever considered what you should actually be looking for in a good shoe? Wearing comfortable shoes that fit well can prevent many foot ailments.

Diana Chapoterera

It is important to know your foot size. As we get older, our feet get bigger and before buying a new shoe, it is important to get your shoe size checked. It is also best to get your feet measured because you should know whether or not your foot is wide or long. If you have a wide foot, do not buy shoes that are tight, expecting them to stretch out as this just adds friction on your foot which will cause foot ailments.

Select a shoe that is shaped like your foot and this can be done by placing your foot on top of a shoe. If your foot is larger than the shoe then it is not the right one for you. Remember that both feet are not always of the same size; therefore fit your shoe to the bigger foot.

When you put on a shoe, make sure there is enough space for your longest toe, this can be checked by putting your thumb into the shoe while wearing it and the thumb should fit comfortably. The toe box of the shoe should be wide, allowing your toes to fit without being squashed, the bottom of the shoe should not be smooth. The best shoes to get are those that have grip, which helps to prevent slipping and falling.

Shoes that have shoe laces and straps are better for children, they allow them to play without worrying about the shoe falling. When buying shoes for children, it is important to check if the lining is breathable, this allows sweat to evaporate, this is important to avoid bacterial infections and fungal infections. Children should not wear high heels as their foot is still growing and the many negative effects high heels have on the foot.

Sports shoes are different for a reason, so wear the right shoe for the right sport. Runners should wear technical running shoes that are designed specifically for running.

For those people that are involved in sports, there are sneakers called cross-trainers that are suitable for different activities. Rugby boots and soccer boots are made from tough material to protect the foot as these are high-impact sports and a lot of strain is put on the feet.

Remember, when going to buy new shoes take a pair of socks with you, you do not know what the person before you had, you might end up picking a bacterial or fungal infection. Keep your feet healthy.

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