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Jane the Ghost returns through fashion range

Does the name Jane the Ghost ring any bells? Yes, the most beautiful yet feared phantom woman has resurfaced in Bulawayo through a fashion range.


Multi-talented artist-cum-fashion designer, Annie Maliki, who is the creative director of Litso Fashion Label, is expected to do something out of the ordinary as she holds a fashion show at Hope Centre under the theme Jane the Ghost.

annie maliki

The show will be held on November 21.

Maliki said she will be showcasing more than 20 of her fashion designs on the day and urged people to come and see what she has in store for them.

Maliki, who drew her inspiration from a short film which was done by Ya–Siboe Media called Qiniso which had scenes of Jane the Ghost, giving her the zeal to bring all of her designs together and hold a fashion show.

The fashion show will see different designs by Maliki showcased in what is expected to be a delightful feat.

“I was inspired by the movie — Qiniso — which I watched recently. The concept seeks to revive Bulawayo and capture some of its terrorising moments that still linger in people’s memories in a lighter way,” she said.
Maliki will do this in collaboration with Sibongile Ndebele.

She has taken part in a plethora of fashion shows since 2013, such as Miss Earth and Matabeleland Fashion Week, among others.

The story of Jane the Ghost was popular in Bulawayo in the late 1980s. According to legend, Jane was one of the most controversial characters who frequented night clubs and shebeens in Bulawayo and was seen in the high-density suburbs of Number 6, Mpopoma and Old Magwegwe.

She would lure men only to disappear mysteriously when they reached a cemetery.

The lady was said to be wearing trendy fashion, which made her attractive to the men who would have seen her.

Through her etiquette fashion trend inspired by Jane the Ghost, Maliki believes that people should dress so that they can be presentable at any given time.

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