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Macheso rebels fight over cash

When they deserted Alick Macheso to form their own music outfit they called Extra Kwazvose, Noel Nyazanda, Obert Gomba and Jonas Kasamba took in Francis “Franco Slomo” Dhaka from Sulumani Chimbetu in a bid to challenge the country’s music hierarchy.

By Problem Masau

They were touted to be the new face of sungura with many people showing faith in them.

Among the people who thought this was a breath of fresh air was Mama Red Rose, a veteran music promoter who organised their debut album launch at Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza.

The late David Chapfika bankrolled the group, buying them stage uniforms which they donned when they launched their debut album in 2013.

The group fused well guitars and keyboards, something that was rare in sungura circles.

The sound was unique and fresh and the song Gurajena became a popular hit request on local radio stations.

The group was soon to hold shows across the country.

Their biggest show was at Checheche in Chipinge where people came in droves.

“It was a big show and we were surprised how people had accepted us,” said Francis Slomo Dhaka.

With talented instrumentalists, chanter and dancer in their midst, the group had no natural lead vocalist.

Franco assumed the role of lead vocalist while they co-composed with Jonas Kasamba.

That marked the squabbles that led to the split of the group.

“Franco thought he was now the leader of the group. We had agreed that we were equal in our hierarchy at a meeting we held at Jazz 105. We also agreed that we would share the money equally,” Kasamba said.

“Franco misled music promoters that he was in charge of the group and imposed himself as the manager of the group.”
The group found out that Franco was pocketing a large chunk of cash.

Franco, however, insisted that he was the leader of the group and vowed that he would continue using the name Extra Kwazvose.

“Extra Kwazvose is my band. I am only left with one of the founding members, but I have assembled a 12-member band. I am continuing with the shows and those people who defected should go and hang.

“I was the one who came up with the name Extra Kwazvose, so it is still my band,” he said.

Franco said he will continue to hold shows.

“They may say my greediness ‘killed’ Extra Kwazvose, but as far as I am concerned, the group is alive and I shall continue to soldier on with my team,” he said.

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