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Killer T, Mimi saga deepens

Fresh evidence and chilling details have emerged linking Killer T to a potentially criminal relationship with the minor who died last week in a car crash, but also painting the young girl as a troublesome and party-loving youngster who was known to “double-cross” men.

BY Problem Masau

While Killer T purported to be the Good Samaritan that tried to save the life of his alleged girlfriend, the late Mitchell Tanaka Kambanga, investigations by this reporter showed that he may have been trying to play the hero.

Chilling revelations by close friends and relatives show that before Mimi died, she had an argument which culminated in her other boyfriend, Jah Rule, allegedly beating her up. Close associates and relatives said they noticed that she had a black left eye after an argument broke out between the two over her alleged relationship with Killer T.

“She was in love with Killer T, but she had another boyfriend who lives in Mufakose called Jah Rule. She would come home at around 1am, very drunk and caused scenes with security guards at the premises. On her fateful day, she had a black eye after fighting with Jah Rule over the Killer T issue,” said a close neighbour who works at ZFC.

Jah Rule is a well-known socialite in Mufakose.

Killer T was allegedly dating the minor, who would have celebrated her 15th birthday in December.

Mimi, as she was affectionately known in ZFC Aspindale Compound where her father works as a diesel plant fitter, was a carefree young girl who loved to party and have fun.

Sources said she dropped out of school when she was in Form 1.

In life, she was a rabble rouser par excellence. In death she proved to be an enigma who left more questions than answers.

At her funeral, a group of girls aged between 15 and 16 came and caused a scene, performing some explicit dance moves dancing to Killer T’s songs. They said that is what Mimi did in her lifetime.

At only 14 years, Mimi was already turning heads. She was a beauty, according to the people who knew her. Different cars would come to pick her up. Among the people who frequented her place was Killer T.

When this reporter visited Mimi’s homestead in Aspindale, her mother was sitting at a veranda with teary eyes, trying to swallow the fact that her only daughter was gone.

“I cannot say much because her father is not around. I am just pained with what happened and I just plead with you to respect our privacy in this time of grieving,” said the aggrieved mother, chocking with pain.

A close relative who requested anonymity confirmed that Mimi took her parents’ car without their permission and that she was indeed in a relationship with Killer T.

“It is indeed true, that boy [Killer T] would frequent here and sometimes cause problems. She stole the car so that she could be with him,” said the relative.

A security guard at the premise corraborated the relative’s account, saying Killer T was a regular “unwanted” visitor.

“I did not know that he was the famous Killer T. He would come here and pretend as if he wanted to go to the company’s bar. After some minutes, he would come with Mimi and only God knows where they would go,” said a security guard at ZFC.

Book records for visitors shown to this reporter revealed that Killer T would sometimes come with an Audi, Nissan Liberty or his usual Altezza.

On the day she met her fate, Mimi literally bolted out of the gate driving her parents’ car.

“It was around 3:20pm when she came at the gate speeding in a white Toyota Chaser. One of my colleagues asked her why she was driving her parents’ car and as usual, she was very arrogant. Instead of responding, the teenager increased the volume of the car radio. She sped, forcing children who were playing on the road to flee for their life,” said a guard who was on duty.

That was the last time she was seen at the compound alive. She was spotted along Mukumbadzetse Road near Zambuko Bar in Mufakose, before heading to Mbare where she allegedly hooked up with Killer T.

Sources said Killer T and Mimi were spotted at a party in Mbare getting cozy and very drunk.

According to eye witnesses, Killer T, who was driving a Toyota Altezza, was drag-racing with Mimi, who was driving a Toyota Chaser, which she lost control of, resulting in her hitting an electric pylon.

The car was swallowed up in flames, resulting in her death.

Killer T called the police, informing them of the accident and later took the deceased girl to hospital.

He went to the girl’s home around 3am on October 20 to inform the parents that their child had been involved in an accident. He pretended to be a stranger who witnessed the accident.

Through his manager Brian Marukutira, Killer T insisted that Mimi was just a “fan”.

“We don’t have much to say,” said Marukutira who is popularly known as DJ Bimma in entertainment circles.

However, the manager could not explain why Killer T would frequent a “fan’s” residence, what he was doing with a “fan” around 12 midnight and how he came to know the “fan’s” home.

Mimi was laid to rest in Rusape last week. She was a first born of her parents’ two children.

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