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Macheso’s tale of lies

On July 16, Alick Macheso performed at Dandaro Inn at a show dubbed Macheso Pre-Album Launch gig.

By Problem Masau

Fans flocked to the venue in anticipation of new songs, but the veteran sungura musician stuck to his old playlist, only sampling the same “new” song he has been sampling since 2013.


At the time, his manager, Luck Macheso promised that the album was really coming out.

“The album is coming and we have a gig on the 16th of this month [July] at Dandaro Inn where the sungura maestro is set to unveil the songs that are on the new album,” he said prior to the gig.

In April, the singer promised that the album was going to be out in winter.

“I have a secret weapon, ndine chombo chaicho chekuti ndikachiregedzera chinoputitsa nyika yese (I have a weapon, which can destroy the whole country if I release it). No competition will be able to stand this one.

“For obvious reasons I may not want to give an exact date but album riri kubuda muchando chino ichi (this album to be released this winter). I have to release now because next year I want to release another album. We are bringing our listeners the album during winter so that they can enjoy it in the comfort of their homes,” he said.

In January, Macheso promised that the album was going to be out by March.

One of the band members and Macheso’s confidante said they were using the January break so that they could concentrate more on the album.

“Mdhara [Macheso] is feeling the pressure from Sulumani Chimbetu’s album. He does not want what happened to the previous album where it ended up being overshadowed by Suluman’s Syllabus, to happen again. We have been practising at Chitungwiza Complex and by March, the album will be out,” said the source at the time.

Last year in April, popular socialite Mahwindo said she was organising Macheso’s birthday party that coincided with his album launch in June of that year.

At that time, Macheso hinted that the album would be called Zvazvinhu.

The claim was substantiated by the Bakers Inn’s Zvazvinhu advert, where he is a brand ambassador.
However, Macheso abandoned the name after it emerged that Alexio Kawara had titled his song Zvazvinhu.

Macheso has been summersaulting, promising that his album was going to be out “soon” since November 2013.

When contacted for comment, Macheso’s public relations manager, Tichaona Makahamadze blamed the media for pushing the sungura kingpin to release the album.

“We have never set a date for the album release. The press is the one that is coming up with release dates. What I know is that the album is definitely coming out this year,” he said.
Music analysts have noted that Macheso’s delay in the release of his album was affected by what has been going on in his life.

Though Macheso has managed to draw huge crowds at his shows since the departure of key band members in 2013, the house he built over the years seems to be in disorder.

A lot of things have happened in Macheso’s life since then. His recording studio Last Power was closed after he failed to pay rentals.

He sent his daughter Sharon to a university in China and after only a semester, the child was back after Macheso struggled to pay school fees.

The sungura star ended up marrying off the daughter.

However, with all these troubles mounting on him, fans should expect an emotional song from Macheso off his forthcoming album that he has promised to release several times.

Over the years, Macheso has mastered the art of seeking divine intervention when it matters most.

When things went off the rail a few years ago, he released Samasimba off Kwatakabva Mitunhu album.

The song has deep lyrics of a lost soul seeking supernatural powers to soldier on, in the face of spiritual weariness and fatigue.

In the song, Macheso admits that he sometimes feels tired because of hectic schedules and appeals to God for guidance, deliverance and salvation.

The sungura maestro acknowledges that his talent is a gift from God and appeals to the Almighty to give him strength and inspiration as his body and mind sometimes give in to fatigue.

In a career filled with success, drama, suspense and difficulties, the musician has always produced songs that reflect the situation he is in.

When his relationship and subsequent marriage to his second wife, Tafadzwa Mapako was under the spotlight from both the media and some sections in the arts sector, Macheso composed a touching song to strengthen his lover.

The song named after his lover, Tafadzwa, had unmistakable lyrics that gelled well with the situation his flame, now his ex-wife, was in.

In the song, Macheso encourages Tafadzwa not to lose hope and to trust in the Lord, the giver of all blessings.

It is both a song of encouragement and prayer to God to bless Tafadzwa and grant her all her wishes and dreams.

When he felt that some musicians were copying his work, Macheso took a swipe at them in the song, Murondatsimba.

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