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Rushwaya ‘charmed’ by Jah Prayzah brand

Former Zifa chief executive officer, Henrietta Rushwaya might have been charmed by Jah Prayzah’s brand to the extent of organising a high-profile show for the high-rising singer and exiled Chimurenga star, Thomas Mapfumo in South Africa.

By Problem Masau

Information at hand suggests that the former football boss allegedly approached Jah Prayzah purporting to be a show promoter who wanted to organise a South African show for him with Mapfumo in 2012.


The show never took place.

The Standard Style can also reveal that the storm surrounding leaked pictures of the two popular personalities took a new twist, with revelations that Rushwaya might have “fallen in love” with Jah Prayzah’s brand.

Information squeezed from Jah Prayzah’s former manager Philda Muchabayiwa popularly known as Mother Philda, who was running the lanky musician’s affairs at the time, shows that Rushwaya came in as a Good Samaritan when the chips were down and offered to support Jah Prayzah’s band, including buying uniforms and giving him cars to use.

“I came to know her when she approached us saying she wanted to organise a show for us in South Africa. The show was ‘lucrative’ because she said she wanted to bring Mapfumo. However, the show never took place,” said Muchabayiwa.

“Rushwaya then offered to buy uniforms for the band and sometimes she would offer Jah Prayzah transport”.

While Rushwaya purported to be a “Number One” Jah Prayzah fan, Mother Philda said she only saw her once on a gig that was held at Glamis Arena.

“I only saw her once at a show that we did at Glamis Arena. She came with security details,” she said.

However, it is on record that Rushwaya would go as far as Beitbridge to attend Jah Prayzah’s shows.

The leaked pictures have opened a can of worms, with many people questioning what Jah Prayzah might have been doing in Rushwaya’s room.

In one of the pictures, Jah Prayzah is seen covering his face with his hands. In the other one, he is seen eating food, wearing his stage gear. Rushwaya admitted that the pictures were taken in her room.

While she claims that the pictures were taken at the same time with that of Gokwe Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena, a closer look at the time stamps on the different pictures shows that the pictures with Jah Prayzah were taken around 5am while those with Wadyajena were taken around 9am, the same day.

But, it is another picture of Rushwaya lying on Jah Prayzah in a car that has set tongues wagging in showbiz and social circles.

Rushwaya confirmed the authenticity of the pictures, but said she saw nothing wrong with them.

“Jah Prayzah is like a son to me and I have known him for about seven or eight years. In fact, I am the one who helped him get permission to use military gear,” she said.

“People should not scandalise or try to blackmail the singer. He is rising. The pictures were indeed taken in my office, where I wanted him to try the stage attire that I had imported for him from China.”

An analysis of the pictures, however, shows they were taken in what appears to be a bedroom. A dressing table and mirror are in the background of the images as Jah Prayzah appears to put on his military stage gear.

Jah Prayzah’s handlers have advised him to keep quiet on the issue and this newspaper could not get a comment from him up to the time of going to print.

However, the two have already been found guilty in the court of public opinion, with many people lashing out at them amid mounting speculation and damning allegations that the two may have had an intimate relationship.

One social media user, Grego says: “If there is a thing going on for sure between Jah and Henrietta then Jah is sure on his way down now. Henrietta, there is everything wrong with you being in such a position or posture with someone you call ‘son’. Please don’t ruin the life of our entertainer by your so-called help stunt.”

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