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I was persecuted for telling the truth: Hosiah Chipanga

Outspoken musician Hosiah Chipanga likens himself to the Biblical Moses who was sent by God to save the people of Israel.


After being neglected by local promoters and with some of his songs allegedly “black-listed” by local radio stations, Chipanga has relocated to a new base in Namibia.


Chipanga on Thursday told The Standard Style that he was packing his bags with his Vaparidzi Veshoko band to Windhoek in search of greener pastures.

He says he was sent to Namibia by God to preach the word through his hard-hitting sungura music lyrics that portray the true social and economic issues affecting innocent Zimbabweans and Namibians living in that country.
Chipanga decries the economic and social decay in Zimbabwe.

“It is unfortunate that I am leaving Zimbabwe. It is very unfortunate that one is persecuted for telling the truth. As a musician, I faced some challenges. Despite all these problems that I have faced, I will soldier on in Namibia,” said Chipanga.

“They have banned some of my songs and I have received threats from certain people, but I will never stop preaching the messages affecting people and that is why I have decided to move to Namibia,” he said.

Chipanga said the banning of some of his songs had actually given him more enthusiasm and resilience to continue spreading the “words of wisdom”.

“I will be performing in all major cities in Namibia and my band is for all people from all walks of life. I want to defeat evil and obey God’s commandments. I will be moving around preaching the word of God through music and teach people the good ways of life,” said the popular musician who rose to stardom with old hits like Shinda Isina Tsono and Mabasa.

“When I am in Namibia, I will not change my stance. I will continue singing what I have been singing before, because I am a messenger of God. He sent me to Namibia so that I share my wisdom with the people of Namibia, about the social and economic problems that are affecting our society.”

The Ndafunga Zano hitmaker, said even though there have been some cases where politicians had tried to shut his mouth up, he had found solace in Namibia.

“I know that there are some people out there who are with me in all these difficult times. I pay tribute to them because these are the people that have kept me going,” said Chipanga.

“I am glad that the fans out there in Namibia will stand by me. While others might want to throw spanners in my project and try to shut my mouth up, I want to remind them that everything has got a beginning and an end. Only time will tell.”

A Chipanga fan, Moses Kuswetuka based in Namibia said: “This is another good way for Chipanga to meet and communicate with his fans here. I think he will be able to catch a wider audience through his music that has become popular at some radio stations and other centres. I wish him good luck.”

The album Gushungo, which proved to be a major success, is reportedly selling very well in Namibia and South Africa.

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